Penguin Research and Presentations!

I must admit that I'm pretty sad our penguin unit is over :(  We have had so much fun reading, learning, watching videos, and researching!!!  Here's a look at the rest of our penguin fun!

I put my students into groups of 2-3 to research penguins.  We used these two websites:
along with several nonfiction books to complete our research.  I allowed my groups to choose which penguins they wanted to research and present.  This definitely helped give them ownership and increased productivity!

Each group had to find out:  Penguin Name, Diet, Size, Habitat, and an Interesting Fact.  I gave them sticky notes to make their notes :)
 After they gathered all information needed they worked on drawing/coloring a picture of their penguin.  I always love how these turn out!
 This was one of my favorites!
After my students finished their writing and drawing it was time to work on presenting!  We used the app called ChatterPix to present.  I'm so thankful for blogs and sharing because Amanda Madden shared this JUST in time earlier this week!  My kids got such a kick out of these!  Love, love, love!!!

 I had prepped the materials to make our penguin hats, but ran out of sentence strips (and was too lazy to cut paper!!).  So, we just used it for a little penguin reflection :)  You can grab that paper HERE.
I'm fairly certain my students use an entire glue bottle every single time they work!  UGH!
Next week we will be inferring like crazy with our mystery unit... which will also be tons of fun!!!


Meagan said...

Those are so cute! Use glue sponges, they have saved me so much glue!! :)

Sue Toma said...

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I can't wait to get started with our penguin unit with the help of your Waddle With Me unit. Can you clarify for me if when your students completed their "group investigation" looking at Name, Diet, Habitat, Fact.... did each group then work collaboratively on the drawing/coloring a penguin and sticky note posters or did each student complete one? Thanks so much... you're very inspiring!

Heather Bednar said...

You have great ideas for your penguin unit! I will probably be purchasing it to add to my unit! I also have my kiddos do penguin research with a partner. Then we make a big class mural. They need to make their penguins life size. The partner group that gets the 4 foot emperor penguin is always excited to get to make such a big penguin! This brings a little math into our unit with measuring. Then they have to put their penguin on the correct habitat, either snow or rocks. They also have a speech bubble above each penguin with the kind of penguin it is and two facts about it. It is always a highlight at the end of our unit!