More on Math Stations!

Well, folks, it's Monday and we are back to the daily grind.  We started telling time and reading about penguins.  We even made a few resolutions for the New Year.  I'd call that a successful Monday... reading, writing, math, and even squeezed in a little snack in the mix.  Because, obviously, I can't make it to the end of the day without eating at least 2 snacks!!

While I was on break I printed my Spin On! math stations.  I'm not going to need these for station materials for a few weeks because we are now completing my It's a Penguin Party math stations.  But, I wanted to have them easily accessible for small groups.  So, I decided to store them in my Math Assessment Binder in sheet protectors.  Now, they are right there ready for me to pull out anytime I need them!
 In the sheet protector I put the directions, spinner, recording sheet, and paperclip!  Done and Done!

 I didn't think it was necessary to use an entire notebook by itself (AKA I didn't have any extra notebooks to spare!)  So, I just slipped all ten stations right after my quick assessments!
 So that's how I'm storing this particular set of stations, but here's a closer look at my storage for that math stations my students use each day.  This rolling cart has been absolutely perfect!  Each drawer holds everything my kiddos need to complete their station.  I even keep the iPads on top so they are easily accessible... it's pretty much a one stop shop kinda thing!
Speaking of iPads... here are the apps we are using for math stations right now :)
 A few months ago I changed my station cards to match the colors on my drawers... this also helped clear up confusion in the classroom!
 Here's a little peek inside of a drawer.  This is a fact fluency station from It's a Penguin Party!  I keep the station directions and any cards needed in a gallon ziploc baggie.  The recording sheets are in Smart Pals so that we don't waste any paper.  When it's time to store the stations I put the recording sheet in the bag with the rest of the materials so that everything is ready for next year!
 Some of you ask how I store my math stations.  Well, everything other than my Spin On! stations are crammed into a filing drawer.  This is real life folks... and it's ugly... and unorganized!  So, I'm not your girl for organizational tips.  I love a good lesson, fun stations, and a cute classroom but I could care less what my cabinets look like on the inside!  I would say this is my New Year's resolution, but chances are it's not changing anytime soon ;)
Have you drank the Math Station Kool-aid yet??!!  I highly suggest you do if you haven't!!!  It's such a fun way to spiral concepts without wasting too much class time!  Want more info... start HERE!


Stefanie Galvin said...

That's definitely what my file storage looks like at the moment!

Thanks for sharing about your math stations - they look great!

Miss Galvin Learns

JanCT said...

I love math stations for spiral review. Next year, I think our schedule is going to change. I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to juggle things so I can keep my stations! My drawers look similar to yours!
Laughter and Consistency

Tracy W said...

How do you use Smart Pals?? I've seen teachers on different blogs using them but am not sure what all they do. Do you collect each Smart Pal and grade the work or does it wipe off? And do you know of a cheap way to obtain a set? Thanks! Tracy =)

Rebecca Wood said...

Ok, Obviously I am out of sync here...What is a Smart Pal? This is the first I've heard of them. Please help an old lady out. :)

Jayme TeachTalkInspire said...

Thank you for posting pictures of your math stations! I am trying to implement them but am having trouble fitting it all in! Just wondering, do you use a specific math program alongside your stations? If so, how do you manage everything time wise? Would love to know! Thanks =)

Jennifer Cortez said...

I love your math stations! I make them on colored file folders. I glue the instruction sheet on the front of the folder, then laminate. Then all the cards, game pieces, and recording sheets go inside the folder.

Melissa T said...

Love your math stations cards. Where can I get/purchase them at? Thank you.