Five for Friday!

It's Saturday and I have been snuggled up on the couch for approximately 5 hours now.  Well, I did get up for a couple of meals, but planted myself right back where I started after the food was consumed.  Eventually I will have to shower and actually get dressed, but for now... lazy I will be!

1.  I'm still loving every single thing about having Joelle at my school each day.  This week we had a little extra time together since I had the short after-school duty.  We had several little girl talks and were able to catch up before hurrying out the door.  I am cherishing these moments!!!  On a sidenote- I only fixed my hair once last week.  I wore far too many ponytails with a bang bump.  It's time to wake up a little earlier!
2.  Speaking of Joelle... this happened.  "If I were a teacher for the day I would shake my booty in (front of) the whole class."

and she would... she really would!
3.  AND, Joelle and I have become obsessed with this cute cockapoo on Instagram.  I'm fairly certain I need Charley to come live with me ASAP.  I even have matching green sunglasses.  #meanttobe
 4.  Now let's talk about actual classroom happenings.  We are regrouping like crazy.  I used some of my new dice from Amazon with my kiddos this week.  They loved rolling numbers before adding!
I also used THIS freebie as a Regrouping challenge on Friday.  There are 30 problems that I posted around the room.  I gave my kiddos about 30 minutes to complete the problems.  Anyone who completed them ON TIME and CORRECTLY received a small prize from me.  I had so many students who were thisclose but only 4 out of 41 that were victorious!  They were so excited to take on a challenge and worked like little busy bees!  They asked if we could do something similar every Friday... sure thing, kiddos!
And, I know that I said I WOULD NOT be videoing this regrouping chant, but apparently I lied...
(right-click on the picture to save)

because this happened...

 5.  This week we finished up our Penguin Math Stations.  This little friend's partner moved to a different homeroom, so he got to work with me.  He soon found out that having me as a partner would help him get his work finished speedy quick!  Turns out I'm not as much of a distraction as a 7/8 year old ;)

Okay, now I must shower.  Y'all have a great weekend!


JanCT said...

I showered early-ish because were were expecting company! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Laughter and Consistency

Leslie Moore said...

When do you plan on having your kiddos do triple digit addition and subtraction??? I teach 2nd grade in Texas too, and we started using Singapore math this year. Triple digits appeared in chapter 2!!!?? Some understood and some didn't.

Adriana Martindale said...

love your chant. To regroup when subrtracting we did the subtraction song that follows "frere Jaque"
"In subtraction,
in subtraction,
this i know,
when the bottom number
is bigger than the top one
go next door,
get ten more."

My kids have really liked it and i make sure that they sing the "short version (start at "when the bottom...") when subtracting on their own.