Classroom Happenings :)

We have officially survived two days back at school.  It's starting to feel somewhat like the norm again... so that's always a plus!  Although I do miss my midday naps and always being up-to-date on social media ;)

Before Christmas I gave my students this winter break challenge from Catherine Reed.  I had about 10 out of 23 complete it, which I thought was a pretty good turnout!  For staying so committed they got to pick a classroom pass and an item from my "treasure"-ish bin.  
We also worked on our New Year's Resolutions with this freebie from A Cupcake for the Teacher.
Here is something similar to the paper we used.  I fixed it up a little when I got to my home computer :)  Click on the picture for the download!
OHHHH, and these waddling wonders have made their way into our classroom again!  My kids are loving every little thing about penguins... and so am I!!!  We started the week with a penguin craft and KWL using sticky notes.
 After watching THIS video we did a little writing about if WE were penguins.  I loved their responses!  This little girl get so excited about every little thing... which is reflected in her writing!
I'm thankful to have some color back on my walls after ripping all of my Christmas stuff down!
Right before the Christmas break the technology department came and installed a Boxlight.. it's an interactive projector.  I'm still getting used to it, and my handwriting isn't beautiful on it, but boy is it cool!  I used it to introduce adjectives today.  My class brainstormed adjectives about penguins and then we "starred" the juicy ones!
I used the penguin hat from my unit as an inspiration for my penguin!
It's been a busy week so far... and I have a feeling the busy-busy-busy will continue as we start our penguin research tomorrow!

For now, it's time for dinner and bedtime routines :)))  Bye Bye, friends!


JanCT said...

I just finished with trips to the doctor for physicals, dinner, showering, and bedtime routines! Phew! Time for a cup of tea. Thanks for the peek into your classroom. It's always fun to see what you've thought up.
Laughter and Consistency

Courtney Eimer said...

Love! I had about 7/23 turn in the Winter challenge - and we start our penguin unit tomorrow (if we have school). I always love reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

Pencils, Plans, & Pinteresting Ideas

Melissa Dailey said...


I just printed the goals sheet you made and can't wait to use it with my second graders. I always love your ideas!

Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

Amy said...

Thanks for the freebie. I am currently teaching a 1-2 combo class. I have taught 1st for awhile and this is my first time teaching 2nd. I have practically lived off your blogs and products this year. You have made my job easier and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into your blog and TpT products. You are wonderful!

Positively Learning said...

I love seeing the update on the winter challenge! Our grade level did a different project (with about the same results), but I had saved this idea for next year. Our penguin unit is in 2 weeks, so this post was perfectly timed! Enjoy the rest of the week :) Jen

Mary McKevitt said...

Do you by chance have the 2016 version of this?

Thank you!!!

triffel said...


I was wondering if you had the 2017 version. Thank you!