What's a Quadrilateral?!

Well, I'm back to the daily grind...teaching and such ;)!  How was your first day back?!  Some very fortunate teachers out there said they always have the Monday after Thanksgiving off.  Which means they have a 4-day week.  Which means I am 100%, totally, completely jealous right now.  Do you know how much shopping I could get done IN my bed today??!!  Everyone deserves to have the holiday of Cyber Monday off, right??!!

Since I did, in fact, have to work today... and I didn't forget totally how to be a teacher after 9 days off...and it was a Monday...I introduced my class to a new word (call me Productive Patty!)

I used this chart (that I made while my students were completing their morning journal entry...because this teacher did ZERO work over the break!) to introduce quadrilaterals to my class.
We also watched this music video a couple of times... it's kinda cheesy and has some spelling errors in it, but the kids loved it!
My students worked with their partner to sort shapes into two categories using this flapbook...
This flapbook sort is in my Shapin' Up unit!
Then, my students used these shape flap-ups to identify whether shapes were quadrilaterals or not.  This actually served several purposes... naming shapes, identifying quadrilaterals, recognizing the number of sides and vertices!  We used our math spirals to record all of the information!
 These flap-ups are also in my Shapin' Up unit!


Kacie said...

Okay, I'm curious. Do your kids just love to color or do you make them color the flap-ups and everything else? I teach 4th grade and I basically have to pull their teeth out to make them color anything! Ugh!

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