Possessive Nouns

Apostrophes... sigh.  Most adults (on Facebook at least) don't even use them correctly!!  Is it just me or do your Facebook friends have the worst grammar known to mankind?  Did they go to school??!!  Or maybe they just slept through those classes??!  Totally kidding... kind of ;)

I'm not grammatical princess, that's for sure!  And, I also don't claim to spell correctly all the time... you'll see mistakes on charts I post on here, and I definitely make errors when creating units, but I like to think that I know most common grammatical and spelling practices.  At least I sure hope so since I'm teaching our future leaders, ha!

This week we are talking about possessive nouns during English.  I made this little chart to display for the week.  Now that I went on a grammar rant I'm sure there are 100 errors below ;)
And, I also made a few printables to share with y'all :)  You can download these possessive noun freebies in my TpT shop!

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