Grinch Day!

I know you are all... but, Amy, it's too late for me to care about Grinch Day this year!  And, I'm all... I know you don't care about Christmas in your classroom right now because you are trying forget that you are a teacher for two weeks!!  I get it, I really do.

But, I took the pictures, and Joelle is napping, so might as well blog about it :)

My conference period is at the very end of the day.  On Thursday, I had my kiddos pack up early, put their backpacks in the hallway, and covered up my classroom window.  While they were in PE I got my room all set-up for our Grinch party on Friday.

I covered the tables with green butcher paper, set out their Christmas gifts, green candy canes, and green pencils...
I put the materials needed to make their Grinch hat on the tables...
I also changed the background of my computer so that they would think the Grinch had turned everything green.  This is just an example of what I did... I actually used a class picture, but I can't post that on here :)  I projected the picture so that it covered our entire white board.
If you want to know how to change the color of your pictures...

1.  Open Power Point
2.  Insert a picture
3.  Click on the picture and click on "Recolor"
My students were so excited when they walked into the classroom!  First up was making their Grinch hats.

Oh, and we had these little projects hanging up for decor...
Then I passed out these super cute gifts from my teaching partner.  She wrapped candy bars in green paper and then turned them into the Grinch!  So cute!
Before our party, we watched The Grinch (cartoon), AND we even had the GRINCH, himself, come in for a picture!
While my kiddos were watching a movie, my sweet teammate covered my class so I could pop into Joelle's party :)
Then, it was FINALLY time to PARTY!  At 11:00 we ate pizza, drank Grinch floats, and enjoyed a Grinch cupcake cake!
 We ordered this from a local grocery store bakery (Brookshires).  It was a hit!
After that I'm fairly certain that my kids turned into little monsters from the sugar.  Thankfully we got out at 12:00 so I only had to deal with the sugar-high children for about 30 minutes... then I sent them on their merry way home :)

Now, it's time for my nap!  Happy Christmas Break everyone!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing these fun ideas. I want to know your trick for getting Joelle to take a nap!

Angie Olson said...

Amy, it always blows me away at how your posts always come at the perfect time for my 2nd grade classroom! The majority of the time that you write a blog post whether it be a holiday, seasonal, math, or reading idea...we are working on these exact same skills! Did I mention that Grinch Day is tomorrow? Yes, one more day of school but I just MAY squeeze in those adorable hats! I love that you use sentence strips! Enjoy your break!
Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

Second Grade is Out of This World! said...

How fun is that! I am a huge Grinch fan. I have to keep this in mind for next year! Thanks so much for sharing!
Second Grade is Out of This World!

Julie Anne said...

Very creative! My kindergarten students would have loved celebrating Grinch Day!
Julie Green Apple Lessons

Jodi said...

What a FUN day!!!!!!!

Terri Brown said...

What a grinch-tastic idea! I'm pinning a few of your pics as a reminder for next year. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Billings said...

This looks so amazing! I love having a complete Grinch unit during this time of year! Great way to teach kindness and having a good heart. I love your ideas!

Fishing for Education -

Sue Bourque said...

Love the idea of changing the color of the board. I do always wonder about parties though. We cannot have anything with sugar, so no candy canes, ice cream, soda, and no cake! We also all (6 second grades this year) have kids with allergies that range from peanut, egg, wheat, tree nut, etc.) The no party rule is pretty standard in surrounding towns as well. What do you do with your kids that can't have all this stuff?

jdixon said...

Do parents not come to your party? How do you make that happen if so? It's not that I mind parents coming but sometimes when a lot show up it can make for a crazy classroom

Melissa Dailey said...

Wow that sounds like a hit! You went all out! I am bookmarking this for next year!
Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

Allison Stuckey said...

Love Grinch Day! I had my own and it was so fun! Thanks!

Stuckey in Second