This time of year (you know... the time of year when kiddos tend to go crazy and teachers are tired) I like to keep things very consistent.  I am still introducing new topics, and unfortunately, I don't have the time to tie everything into the holidays... BUT to save my sanity I keep my lessons and activity formats very similar to one another. 

So, this post will look very much like Monday's post because today I used the same format to teach Polygons that I did for Quadrilaterals :)

We started with a quick chart that I made...
We sang along with this Polygon song that my teammate shared with me!
Then, my students worked in partners to complete a Polygon Flapbook

 After working with partners it was time to work independently... so my students glued these Polygon flaps into their math spirals.  Underneath they simply wrote yes or no :)
At the very end of our math black my students wrote a reflection.  They answered the question:  What is a polygon?  I also asked for an example and non-example.  This little sweetie went above and beyond my expectations... she explained in detail!
So, my word for the day is:  CONSISTENCY!  Thankfully they aren't bored just yet ;)

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