A Christmas Grouch Freebie!

Well, I'm at home with a sick little girl today.  She's doing so much better, but isn't quite 100% just yet.  While she was taking a nap I decided to get things ready for our Christmas Party on Friday.  Our grade level does a Grinch theme... We watch the cartoon Grinch movie, order a Grinch cupcake cake from a local bakery, have Grinch floats (made of Sprite and Green sherbet... in a green cup, of course!), and wear Christmas Grouch hats that fit the theme!

So, today I prepped the materials we will need to make our hats on Friday.  Whoever thinks a teacher gets to be "off" when they are absent is all kinds of crazy.  It took me all day yesterday just to prep for my sub today AND I'm working at home.  Who needs R&R anyways?!!

Here's a little example of a Christmas Grouch hat...
This is easy peasy... just a few pieces to make the face, then glue onto a sentence strip or cut strips of paper.
 Here are the pieces that I prepped for my class on Friday!  You can get this Christmas Grouch Freebie HERE!  We just have to add the hair and draw the frown :)
I have been wanting to try these Rudolph directed drawings for quite some time now.  Joelle was feeling a little better so we gave it a go this morning.  Unfortunately we only had crayons at home, but they still turned out cute!  
And that's a wrap for today!  1 1/2 more days of school and then let the Christmas Magic begin!!!


Positively Learning said...

These are so cute! We have our earned "playdough" party tomorrow, now I'm wondering if we could add these! I hope your little one is back on her feet very soon, Jen

ronnie said...

Thank you.

Melissa Dailey said...

Thanks so much, Amy! I love all that you do! You're the first blogger I ever started following and you motivated me to start my own blog. I can't thank you enough for all that you do! I'm a 3rd year second grade teacher so I love seeing all that you share! Happy Holidays!
Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom