Singular and Plural Nouns

Today we started to dig in a little deeper to singular and plural nouns.  This is such a huge grammar focus because there are so many rules (of which not every word follows... sigh).  Add "s" here, and "es" here, but not to this word, "drop the y and add ies" here... oh, and some of them stay the same, while some change completely.  There you go kids, you are welcome!

Before digging into ALL those pesky rules, we began by just recognizing that some words are singular and some are plural.  I had two charts ready to go, and a stack of sticky notes with a mix of singular and plural nouns.  I gave one sticky note to each student, they read it to the class, and stuck it to the correct chart.
We had lots of words to start our lesson!
Then, we worked on making the singular nouns plural.  We "transferred" (big word for the day!) the singular nouns to the plural noun chart after making them plural.  This did jump-start our discussion on how to make words plural in different ways.
 Then, I wrote a mix of singular and plural nouns on the board for some independent practice.
 Using grammar flap-ups, my students sorted the words into these two categories:
 And, voila!  A word sort made easy!  We started off strong, now let's hope that stays the same as we tackle plural endings!


Karen F. said...

Love the instant word sort idea... going to use this tomorrow :-)

Mrs. Griffith said...

I love the idea of making it an interactive anchor chart!

For the Love of First Grade

Amie Plumley said...

I'm introducing this next week - perfect timing! Thanks for the great ideas! Also, I just presented at a conference in TN on math and showed off some of your cute stuff from TPT and how I use it in my classroom. There were several other Amy Lemons fans in the audience!