Let's Learn About Shapes!

Hey y'all!  Today is a HAPPY day and even a HAPPY Monday because we only have four days until Thanksgiving break around here!  Yes, it's still freezing (it even snowed a little last night... have I mentioned I live in North Texas...and it snowed mid-November!!!) and we are still restless, but life must go on!
Today we started our 2D shape unit with a bang!!!  I'm not going to lie... I was all kinds of ready to take a break from counting coins.  We will continue to review during math stations and small group, but our brains needed a breather!!

Here's a little chart I made to keep up in my classroom throughout our shape learning (ignore my crooked handwriting!!)
 I do like to expose my students to lots of shapes... even if we don't focus on every single one of them :)
After discussing and reviewing my students practiced drawing some of the new shapes in our math spirals that we learned today.  They definitely felt like big kids with all this new vocabulary!
 Then, we made our Shape Turkeys!  They absolutely LOVED these!  I added this to my Let's Be Thankful unit so if you've purchased it in the past, make sure you go re-download!

 My goal is to update my Shapin' Up unit this week... give it a little makeover and add new activities to it, so be on the look-out for that!  Until then, have a happy week!!! And remember, a holiday is right around the corner :)


Amanda H said...

Lovin' the bright color on your chart! What do you use? Makes me have wishes of younger kiddos :)

Princess Netherly said...

I'm a North Texas girl as well and I was burrowed under tons of blankets last night! I'm sorta glad we didn't get a snow day just yet. Those shape turkeys are adorable!
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Joy Houldridge said...

I also enjoyed adding/talking about shapes with the students that we might not focus on or are learning. They always enjoyed learning about them. I especially love your shape turkeys! Quite sure the students enjoyed that activity.