Grammar Flap-Ups!

Happy Sunday Funday, friends!  I'm just stopping in real quick to tell you about my new Grammar Flap-Ups!  Remember the Reading Flap-Ups I told you about last week, well my kiddos loved them so much that I just had to make more for grammar and sentences!

Here's a little look at how I'll be using these flap-ups!
We use our ELA and Math Spirals for lots of different things, especially flap-ups!
It's really easy to differentiate with activities like these because I can print certain flap-ups for different groups, and I can set my expectations for each student!
I'm always looking for quick and easy grammar activities that aren't too time-consuming.  These flap-ups will really help me spend the most of our grammar time!
And although the colored paper is completely unnecessary, it really helps bring excitement to the activity!
This week we will be learning about singular and plural nouns, so I'll definitely be using the noun ones in the next few days!

Here's a closer look at the grammar skills that are covered:
Have a wonderful week!  

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