Do you Kahoot?

Do you Kahoot?!  My sweet friend, Hope, shared this website with me.  I'm sure I've seen it before, but I must have forgotten about it!  It's a great way for students to interact with your lessons through quizzes, surveys, and discussions.  I decided to give it a go to review counting coins this week.  I made 20 questions (that have now been added to my It's All The About Money unit!) and uploaded them into a Kahoot!  My students absolutely LOVE it!  They are asking to Kahoot all the time now :)

You can also just type in the questions... you don't have to add images :)
Thankfully I have a few iPads and student computers, so I was able to put my students into groups of 2-3 so they could answer the questions.  You do need some sort of device for them to answer on, or you could always use your phone and answer as a class :)
 After our Kahoot, we played Spin and Total.  I made four different coin spinners of various levels so I could differentiate with my class.  This was also a class favorite!  (This has been added to my money unit)

To top off our coin activities for the day, we made our Coin Pocket Books.  This was a great way to bring down the level of excitement from the Kahoot and spinners, but still keep my students engaged while doing their independent work!
 I love things like this because we covered more than one concept!  We counted coins AND compared numbers... killing two birds with one stone!
 I did add quite a few activities to my money unit, so if you have already purchased it, make sure you go and download the new version!

Hope you have a Happy Tuesday.  It's time for me to deck the halls and get my house all ready for Christmas... that's totally happening tonight :)  Who cares if it's only November 11th?!!


Kimberly Kneebone said...

Looks like a fabulous unit. Wonderful inspire me!!

- Kimberly

Beached Bum Teacher

Miss Kindergarten said...

Our computer teacher was using this site the other day! It looked so fun!!

Christina Oates said...

I think I am in love! I just wish we had Ipads in our classroom. Thanks for sharing! :)

avek98 said...

We learned about it during training two weeks ago. The students love it & ask to play everyday.

Mrs. Nelson said...

I love kahoot!! I learned about it last year from a teaching friend of mine at a different district and I've been using it ever since. I actually have my kids come up with the questions that I put on their, because one of their comprehension skills is "questioning". It gives them such a purpose for reading their stories and really understanding what is happening. They look forward to playing kahoot soooo much!!!! I'm so glad to see other teachers using it!

Mrs. Nelson is Missing

Mrs. Nelson said...

yikes! there**** not their! ahhh one of my pet peeves. sorry it's been a long day.

Lady Be Good said...

Amy, Thank you for sharing your love of teaching students with us. My students love Kahoot! as well. When we finish a game, they want to know when we will play it again. Some of our teachers are allowing students to create review questions in Kahoot!, and they quiz a partner or the class. It is truly engaging and exciting to the students. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Technically Speaking said...

Thanks for inspiring us with your creativity and diversity. Your students are learning to visualize their concepts in a variety of formats that make the new content easy to remember. I love your fun alternatives to workbook pages and dull assessments. The interactive notebook is a keeper! A time consuming, but valuable record of learning. Speaking of record of learning... love the blog! Thanks for taking time to share!