Subtraction Games!

Let's talk about playing games in class... math games that is!  Now, I'm not a HUGE game-player in real life.  I don't like to lose but I don't want my friends to lose either.  It's a struggle #ohtheproblems.  But, it doesn't matter who the student is, they all seem to love playing games in class.  Is it a calm and peaceful time in Room 43?  Absolutely not!  Do I tend to lose my mind during each and every game... you betcha!  But, I have found that my students are much more engaged while playing a game than they are during any other part of our day.

This week we have already learned lots of new subtraction games.  Pretty much any of these could also be turned into an addition game.  Here's what we've been up to... and, they don't require any printable, freebie, or unit!  You just need the things you already have laying around :)

 Playing games has been a lot of fun, but we've also been hard at work learning our Subtraction Strategies.  My students made their very first Pocket Book today.  One little girl said, "This is really cool!"  It's kinda fun making your own little folder :)
 And, since my students reacted so well to all the sharing we did last week, we have kept that going this week.  My students are using the "My Subtraction Booklet" to solve word problems.  I have 2 students share their strategies after everyone has had a chance to complete their work :)
We've also used the mini-signs from my Subtraction unit to help guide our reflections each day.  That's been a HUGE help!  Some days my students write an example of that strategy, other days they explain the strategy using sentences.

Do you have any fun games for subtraction?  I'd love to hear below!  I'm also looking for new ideas :)


taylor.corwin said...

This is a great idea! I am a future teacher, and your blog is full of great ideas and fun! The games you created seem great too! They do not even cost a lot for them, just what you have in your classroom already.

Never A dull Moment said...

You are AMAZING. You always post things just when I'm so desperate! I appreciate you and your amazing posts!

SENCO Cat Herder said...

Really like the simple pocket book idea - subtracting all or zero is something one of my SpEd groups will be working on soon so would come in very useful.
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Jamie knefely said...

I love playing simple math games with my class too! Games that are quick, easy, and to the point are the best!

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Joy Houldridge said...

These Math games are such cute and easy ideas. I like the ideas that these can easily be turned into addition games as well. The students being able to reflect on what they have done and learned are always fun for me, especially when they are pretending to be the teacher. I believe I might also would have them to reflect this activity in their Interactive Math Journal as well. I love my white boards and so do the students. They are so easy and cheap. I went to Lowe's and told the man that I was a teacher and he cut them for free. My husband came up with the idea to smooth the edges with Duct Tape

Denise said...

Where did you purchase your dice from? I love those!