Retelling with Mudge

Well, it's Wednesday and I am on day three of having a raspy voice.  I'm sure my kiddos are sick and tired of me being sick and tired, but I battle this mess every year when the season starts to change!  I'll spare you the details of what's clogging up my throat because it's just a *little* on the disgusting side.

Since I'm trying only to talk when I have to, blogging is going to be my little outlet tonight :)  This week we started our Henry and Mudge unit as well as focusing on retelling the Plot of a story.  We've made up hand motions and chants, and it's really been fun!

Let's start with the end in mind!  Today, my students drew a portrait of Mudge.  First, they drew with pencil, then traced their lines with black marker, and colored in crayon to add the finishing touches.  They turned out really cute!!!  I'm impressed with some of my little artists :)

After we read Henry and Mudge and the Long Weekend, my students worked in partners to retell the beginning, middle, and end of the story on notecards.  I glued their BME with the portraits on a sentence strip so that it was easier to display :)
It would have been an even better idea to have them draw about the beginning and end of the story, but I didn't think of that in time!  AND, these Mudge pictures just make me happy!
 We started out slowly on Monday with retelling.  I model this A LOT!  We worked on it in whole group and during small groups.  Modeling was a must!

During small group reading, I had each group read a Henry and Mudge book.  On Monday, they read Chapter 1 and answered a reflection question with their group.  

"Would you like Mudge as a pet?  Why or why not?"  No, not to be rude... haha!
On Tuesday, the small groups read chapter 2 of their Henry and Mudge book and began working on the Beginning and Middle retell on sticky notes.  Today, we finished the book and added our last sticky note to the bottom!  Can I tell you how motivated they were just because I passed out sticky notes?!
 After we had practiced enough during whole group and small group, my kiddos were ready to tackle BME with a partner!  And, that's where our project from above came into play!
 Tomorrow we still need to make our Mudge bowl BME books and describe our main man, Mudge!  I have our character board all ready to go... sticky notes and all :)  We will continue our Mudge series next week because there's so many great books to read!
And, before I go...

I put this little bulletin board up with totally different intentions before school started.  My original plan was to have students respond to books and add their responses to our board (as seen here).  Today I realized that this would be the perfect place to house the books we have read in class with the AR (Accelerated Reader) quiz numbers.  This board is right by my computers, so it just made sense.  I'm hoping this will help my kiddos find their quizzes much faster than typing in the entire title!  Eventually, I will probably use it as a reading response board, but until my students get a little faster on AR, this will have to do!
Do y'all read Henry and Mudge in your classroom?  I'd love to hear/see what you are doing!  Let me know below!!


Alisha Peare said...

The pictures are adorable!

Elizabeth Kallert said...

We read Henry and Mudge as part of our reading series and I recently purchased your unit on TPT! I can't wait to incorporate all of your fun activities into my lessons, so THANK YOU!! :)

Kattreena said...

Hi, Amy! Can I ask you about your classroom management? I am a new second grade teacher switching over from learning support. I used to have about 5-8 students in the classroom, and now I have 20. I am struggling with classroom management, and I thought I'd ask you about it! Everything you do is so cute! I wish I could teach like this! I'm a teacher in PA! Thanks! :)

Cindy Erickson said...

I do Henry and Mudge The First Book, working on chapter summaries ending with a Mudge Journal. We Love Henry and Mudge!

Jen Bonner//Sparkling in Second said...

Love this idea with these cute books! I also love your AR non-fiction/fiction board, what a brilliant idea!

Think Tank King Pin said...

LOVE the AR quiz board!