Plugging on with Place Value!

Hey y'all!  I'm just going to go ahead and throw in the towel on posting weekly visual plans and issue a HUGE 
And, I'll hope you will understand.  You see, I can't submit those lesson plans to my principal because we use an online system.  So, I was just making them for you lovely people... who totally deserve it, BUUUUTTTTT  I just don't have that many hours in the week to spare :(

Anywho, trekking on...

Today we started place value with THREE-digit numbers.  My students were all kinds of excited that we are now moving onto BIG numbers...not just a review from first grade.  They are pretty much big kids ready to take on adulthood at this point.  Except that BIG numbers can be challenging, so we go very sllllllooooowwwwlllly.

We started building numbers today.  I used these handy-dandy place value tents that a teammate of mine made for me years ago.  I believe the idea came from Kim Sutton.  Since we don't have hundreds blocks, I just use printable hundreds cards and it seems to do the trick :)  I would call out a number, my students first made it with their tent, then built the number with their blocks.  
 Before moving on to the next number we would check our work, touch and count the numbers, and discuss the expanded form as well.  I had students come up and model on the big screen.
 After we made lots of numbers together my students worked in partners to build a number on paper. I have printables of base ten blocks in both my Number Knowledge and Place Value Units.
 Since I forgot to introduce my Place Value Pals to my class last week, today was the perfect day.  I let my students name the little guys.  We talked about how picky Harry, Thomas, and Olaf are when it comes to putting them in the right place.  AND, how much they do NOT like to get out of order because they don't belong anywhere else!  I'm fairly certain my students think they are actual characters that come to life, which makes it all the more fun!
 I'd say we had a pretty good introduction to 3-digit numbers!  I'm excited to see how the rest of the week goes :)  And, since I'm not posting visual plans, make sure to follow me on Instagram because I post lots of pics throughout the day on there!  I'm hoping to continue blogging several times throughout the week so you can see what all we are up to!
Have a happy week!


Sheri Ryan said...

Your blog is so inspiring. I am a first year teacher from Australia and your lesson ideas and units have really enabled me to become a confident and engaging teacher. Thank you so much.
Early Years with Sheri.

Sybil...Loop Squared said...

I love your blog. Your ideas are great and I will miss your plans :(
Life is crazy busy...enjoy it!

Positively Learning said...

Hi Amy! You're becoming my go-to math guru! I'm loving your addition strategies pack, prepping the subtraction pack to use soon, & now eyeing the playing around with place value! Thanks so much for showing these activities "live" in your posts - super helpful (& fun!)! Jen

kelly said...

Hello, I'm training to be primary school teacher at the moment and just wanted to let you know what a help your blog is! I love it!
Thank you :)