Peek at My Week: Place Value and Mudge!

Well, hello there, friends!  I'm relieved to say that I've made it for another Peek at my Week!  I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up, but I'm trying my darndest :)

While I was typing up my visual plans, I realized that I have A LOT going on.  I mean, a lot.  My plans are jam-packed full with lots of activities.  I kept finding games, fun ideas, and more when I was searching for Place Value stuff, and I just wanted to include it all!  Now, I can tell you that I WILL NOT be able to get to every little thing.  That's why I love Math Stations.  Any games, scoots, or hands-on activities can be set aside for a math station activity.  It's really a win-win when you over-plan!  

For my ELA block I am trying TWO really new things for me.  Since I only have 60 minutes for ELA (that includes reading, writing, grammar, and spelling!!!!!) I had to make adjustments.  I just can't fit it all in every single day.  So here are the changes I've made:
1.  We will do the bulk of our reading activities and skills on MTW.  We will do grammar on Th/F.  We will continue to integrate writing wherever we can, but I hope to eventually do lots of writing on Th/F also!
2.  Instead of doing so many whole group activities, my Reading Block will be separated into 2 sections.  For the first 30 minutes, I will do a read aloud of some sort, and model our focus/skill for the week.  For the last 30 minutes, Reading Groups will break out all over my classroom!  Since, I just don't have the time needed for traditional guided reading groups, this is how I'm going to try things.  I will facilitate the reading groups by visiting each one/listening/questioning, but I will spend the most time with my struggling readers during this time.  Each group will read a book on their level and practice the skill that I modeled during whole group.  This week we are just starting out, so I'm giving each group a set of Henry and Mudge books (we have them in our leveled Literacy Library).  They will read the books and discuss together, then work on character analysis and the BME of a story.  Next week the groups will have books more specific to their level, but I wanted to start off easy/familiar so we can get the routine down first!  

Kids will be sitting all over my classroom, cozying up with a good book, and conferring with their group while reading and responding... surely it will be perfect like that, right??!!

**I do still have 2 different times in the day that I can pull small groups for about 15 minutes each.  I utilize those times to meet and conference with students about reading/writing also.**
I'll be back sometime this week to show you what's in my Math Tubs for the next couple of weeks.  We are sticking with Addition and Subtraction fluency for now!

Now, go and enjoy what's left of your weekend... the next one won't be here soon enough ;)


Sheri Ryan said...

Peek at the week is great. I love seeing what you're doing. It's always great seeing an experienced teacher planning their week.

Mrs. Kellie Saunders said...

Amy, God bless you for what you do do!! Your blog is very inspirational, and I am amazed at what you are able to share with us each week. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to education.

Sarah Cooley said...

Your plans always look awesome. And they are so stinking CUTE, too. Love ya Amy Lemons!

Cathy said...

Your plans for the week look great! I love seeing what other second grade teachers are up to.

Krysta said...

Love your plans! Do you follow Treasures? I seem to be doing the same skills this week.

Vanessa Guerra said...

Dear Mrs. Lemons,

Your blog got me through my first year as a second grade teacher. Even though I no longer teach second, I still like to stop by and see what you're up to. You inspire me. I understand it's a lot of hard work but I really appreciate it and look forward to reading your blog.

You're fan,
Vanessa G.

Erin Gaston said...

I love seeing your plans and "borrowing" some new ideas. One thing I found really helpful when doing "unguided" reading is teaching the kids to "talk back" to their books. After we learn a reading strategy, we come up with a code for it. For example, visualizing is an eyeball and questioning is a question mark. When kids use the strategy, they code a sticky note with the strategy and write a little bit about it. Then, when I get a chance to sit down with them, they have lots to talk about. When we finish a book, they take out all their sticky notes, tape them in order on paper, and write a summary of their learning about the book. It definitely keeps them on track and they loooove using sticky notes!

Kristina Morris said...

I love your plans!! Do you have an editable template for these? I would love to use them for my RTI and small group plans.

Stephanie Cain said...

Your ELA plans give me hope! I'm a departmentalized 3rd grade teacher and by the time we do transitions, bathroom breaks, and all the other necessary interruptions in the day, I only have about 60 minutes to teacher all the ELA subjects, too! I never feel like I fit everything in! I'm also trying to fit D5 in as well, but it sure is difficult! Thanks for the advice on how to make a short reading block work!

Mrs. Cain's Creations

Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd said...

Ahhhh Amy, I was just catching up on a few of your posts that I hadn't read yet, and I just spotted my Place Value scoot in your plans! I hope you and your kiddos love it!!! AHHH I'm giddy with excitement that you're using something of mine! AHHH! <3 I can't begin to tell you how much you inspire me, so this makes my heart so happy!!! <333

Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd