Math Finds!

Hey y'all!  I'm popping in real quick to show you a few items I ordered tonight that I'm super excited about!  As I was grading papers, reading Joelle bedtime stories, and doing anything other than think about math games... a few thoughts came to mind:

1.  I have a gift card to Mardel from my PTO that I need to spend.
2.  I wonder if they have any good pocket charts...
3.  Or maybe magnetic base ten blocks??
4.  Who cares what they have, let's do some online shopping!

Well, they didn't have the pocket charts or base ten blocks that I wanted, but I did find some things that I am so ready to get in the mail!  AND, I think they are better than my original plan :)  Here's what I ordered, along with some super cute punch-out letters!
Fun finds inspired by The Inspired Apple!

1.  Number Bean Bags- How awesome are those bean bags?  We are working really hard on fact fluency right now, so that is what they will initially be used for, but I can envision them working with so many math concepts... place value, number order, even/odd, multiplication, etc!  These will definitely be making an appearance in my math station rotation as soon as they come in!

2.  Library Pockets- I've used these little guys for so many things other than library pockets, ha!  We are going to start our fact fluency tests next week, so here's what I'm thinking:
When a students masters the test, they slide it in their pocket.  Once they have mastered all of the fact assessments, they turn them in for a little prize!  I use fact fluency assessments from The Teacher Wife, and they will slide perfectly in!  I'm going to have them store the pocket on the inside cover of their math spirals for easy access!  It has an adhesive label, so they will be perfect for that!

3.  Numbered Spinners- going along with fact fluency, these numbered spinners will be perfect as a math station!  My students have LOVED my spin and add/spin and subtract from my Add/Sub Stations, so I know these will be a hit also!  And, they can be used over and over again and never get boring!

And, that's that!  I promise Mardel isn't paying me to blog, ha!  Sometimes I just want someone to share my shopping excursions with :) and as much as Jared loves me... spinners and bean bags aren't in his vocabulary ;)

Here are some other things I'm loving/wanting:

Have you found anything fun lately?  Leave a link so we can all shop together ;)


Positively Learning said...

I have those number bean bags somewhere in my basement...digging them out now! I'd love to hear how you use them for fact fluency, my mind is drawing a blank and our fact fluency starts next week! I'm loving your addition and subtraction strategy packets. Off to check out the math stations now. Thanks :) Jen

Cassondra Kelly said...

I have the dice! I love them. I use them for addition and subtraction for single digit numbers and then when we learn double digit addition and subtraction as well. I called the game double dip dice game. I bought mine on Amazon for much cheaper (I think).

Love to Learn said...

Those double dice are great! I'm loving those numbered spinners - so many possibilities for math games!

Love to Learn

Shelby - First Time Firstie said...

Ohmiword! I have those base ten magnets from Lakeshore and looooove them!

First Time Firstie

Leslie Moore said...

What kind of reward do you give to those students who master their facts? I love your center ideas but my kiddos this year are having a hard time with learning about inside voices. Any ideas???

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