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I'm not going to call this a BIG Classroom Reveal because it's anything but that.  I more or less gave my classroom a *tiny* facelift... moved some things around, stuffed junk into cabinets, changed out a little bit of fabric and called it a day.  This will be my fifth year in my classroom, and it's definitely evolved over the years, but my layout works for me, so I stick with it!  

This is my cabinet area (obviously!).  I stuff those cabinets full of junk that I pretty much never look at... because, well, I don't want anything to fall out if I open those doors.  So, they stay closed for the majority of the year and I "look" organized :)  They house things like TEs, books, craft supplies, construction paper, etc.  I also have about 100 bottles of Germ-X in there :)
Decorative Bag Idea:  Cara Carroll, Shapes HERE, AR Posters HERE, Flower BB set from DJ Inkers, Cheer Megaphones:  PRICELESS ;)

I have my Daily Five charts ready to go!  I used Velcro dots to hang the paper so I can easily take it down while we are going over procedures!
 This used to be my student library, but I wanted to change that around.  I divided it into three sections:  Listen to Reading, Student Book Bins, and Math Manipulatives.
 My rug and pillows are from Target and Wal-Mart on the cheap!  We use the stuffed animals as reading buddies... cuddle up and read a book to your favorite furry friend!
Subway Art:  Hope King
 Until I've taught my lesson about choosing "Good Fit Books" my students will rotate through these books.  I placed 8 books in each book bin... these are books that don't fit into a category in my student library!
When you walk into my classroom, this is what you will see (droopy paper and all...sigh)
Here's my English Word Wall, English Alphabet (read about making your own student generated alphabet HERE!), Writing BB, and student library!
Vowel Glue Bottles:  The Teacher Wife

 I narrowed my categories down to start the year.  As the year goes on I will switch out book bins so that my students always have new books to read!
Library Labels:  Reagan Tunstall
Writing Pencil:  The Teacher Wife, Writing BB:  A Cupcake for the Teacher, Word Wall Letters:  Mardel

When I'm sitting in small group or at my computer, this is the view I see!
 Above my lockers I used wrapping paper.  It goes up really well and stays nice all year!  I will put student work on the empty side :)
School Responsibilities:  HERE, Clock Numbers:  HERE, Locker Numbers:  HERE

I decided to put this annoying wire shelf back together... it was painful and awful, BUT it works!  The chevron bins are from Wal-Mart!  I'm going to house either station materials OR student supplies here :)  I'm going to use the cookie sheet for important reminders and info!
Bathroom Pass Idea:  Erica Bohrer
Here's a little peek at my Spanish area... I have a Spanish word wall, Spanish alphabet, and Bulletin Boards for Spanish vocabulary.  I also wanted another little reading nook, so I bought another rug from Wal-Mart and placed it in the corner :)  I've never known what to do with that small space, but this seems to work!
 I can see my kiddos cuddling up with a good book here!
Group Jobs:  HERE, Color Words:  HERE
 This is the front of my room and our meeting area.  I put all of my math resources down low so that my students can easily access them.  I also put thematic books on my white-board tray that my kids can read from when they finish work early.  I change these out every few weeks, and new books always bring a level of excitement to the classroom!  On my board I write our objectives, table points, and spelling words for the week.

Number Line:  Scholastic, Number Words:  HERE, Hundreds Pocket Chart:  HERE

This is my small group/teacher area.  Tomorrow I will go into a little more detail about what I keep over here :)  Ignore that saggy paper... it's driving me crazy, but obviously not too much because I have yet to fix it, ha!  On a side-note... I can staple into ALL of my walls, I buy fabric and wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  My room is super easy to put together because It's pretty much four walls with lots of space!  I don't have a window, but I do have a skylight that lets in a TON of natural light... my room is NEVER dark because of it :)
Make sure you check out Blog Hoppin' today so you can see classrooms that look WAY better than mine, ha :))


Kindergarten Whale Tales said...

What a beautiful classroom and great use of space. I really like how you used your wall spaces in different ways. How lucky are you to be able to staple to the walls.

Jodi said...

It's gorgeous Amy!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Your room looks great amy! You didn't have to do much bc you are already fabulous!!

Kristen said...

I think it looks so beautiful, as always Amy!!! Every time I see pictures of your room during the year, I smile--it just radiates happiness!

Cari Snell said...

Gorgeous! And a hint for those annoying wire cubes...use zap straps to hold them in place! I buy extra cubes make a ton of shelves, zap strap them and then use it for our wet paint art drying rack. :-)

Amanda Madden said...

Your room looks amazing (as always)! I hope you have an incredible year. ;)


The Science School Yard said...

What a fun and colorful room! It is great to blog hop and look at what everyone is doing to get ready for the new school year.

Renee from The Science School Yard

Suzanne Kienzle said...

I love that your to do bin looks like mine! Your room looks super...have a great year!

Elementary Excellence said...

Your classroom looks wonderful and so inviting! I'm jealous of your cozy reading nook, as I don't have space in my classroom for one! Good luck with your school year!

Elementary Excellence

Kelly Cornelius said...

Such and happy place to learn in!! I am hesitant to put up my pics :/ Wish I had done it before we started living in it, but, oh well! Thanks for sharing. I know how personal it is to share your classroom!

AndreaG said...

I had one of those irritating wire cube shelves too and I finally just ziptied all the sides together, helped a ton so that when a kid would knock one of those little connector things off at least the whole shelf didnt come tumbling down anymore!