Tracking AR points

When I posted my Superhero AR cards on Instagram and FB, a few people asked if I would be sharing them...

Well, here they are!  My plan is for students to sign their name to the card when they reach the different goals (and make a passing grade).  I printed the pages out, cut in half, glued onto bright paper, and laminated.  I'll have my kiddos use permanent marker since our superhero theme will only be for this year :)
I only had 6 hours to work in my classroom before heading to Colorado yesterday.  Thankfully I was able to keep all of my bulletin boards up and most everything on the walls and in cabinets in tact.  I only had to move furniture, do some organizing, and unpack my loose items.  I got a lot done, but still have a ways to go!

I put my superhero AR cards on my bottom cabinet doors so that my kiddos can easily access them.  It would be lovely to house those by my computers, but I just don't have the room!  
Once my room is more put together and I've shown it a little more TLC, I'll be back with a classroom tour, of course!  You can find my number words HERE :)

If you'd like to download the superhero AR tracking cards you can do that on my Facebook under my fan freebies tab!  Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to make different themes or add numbers... so sorry!!!


Kelly McIntyre said...

If the cards are laminated and you spray them with something with alcohol in it, like BBW body splash, it will wipe off and you can reuse them.

Funky in Fourth said...

I love the tracking of the points! Such a clever idea! I will have to whip up something to match my decor. Thanks for the great idea (like always)!

Funky in Fourth

Rockin' in 2nd Grade said...

Love your room!

Dee Dee

Jen R said...

I've been tracking A.R. points for the last 10 years (or whatever) and NOW I'm in first and at a school that doesn't do A.R.... I feel like I'm missing something! lol
♥ Jen
Teacher by the Beach
A Splash of Life Blog

Shannon Henderson said...

These are terrific. Thanks so much!

Anna said...

hey! this is SO crazy. What a smalll world!!! My kiddos (K & 2) go to a hybrid school (school 2 days/week, home 3 days/week), and I googled "second grade blogs" to do some research. :) Well, yours was the first that came up, and I realized as soon as I saw your photo I've been following you on IG forever! :D I'm @simplybeautiful100 on IG. :) Crazy small world!! :D looking forward to reading your blog!!!

Wallis said...

Hey, Amy. Thank you for always being so generous. I tried to send you a DM on instagram, but I never do that, and I don't know if it worked. Your little icon is sort of grayed out, so I'm not sure it even went. :/ Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some superhero banner flags that I made in case you might be able to use them in your classroom. I made a bunch, and I am going to mix and match and string them up. I was going to email you the file, but I couldn't find your email. They are my Facebook Fan Freebie right now, or I'm happy to send you the file via email if you send me your address. If you did get the dm on instagram..sorry for the repeat message. I just wanted to say thanks for everything you always share!

Fellow Texas Teacher :)
Ms. Wilson’s Wolves