My Reading Plan

As promised, I am here sharing my Reading Overview for the year!  I've probably said this a million times before, but I still get asked this question a lot...

I do NOT use a reading series (or any textbook for that matter) AT ALL.

It's not that I'm 100% against it, and if I had to use it I would make it work, BUT there are several reasons why I don't use the basal series... I teach in the Dual Language program and my Spanish teaching partner uses it for Spanish Language Arts.  If I used it then my kids would be getting the same story twice a day (just translated).  So, she uses it since her Spanish resources are so limited.  Also, I want my kids to fall in love with reading... to get wrapped up in a good series, to find new authors, to connect with characters so I try to find books that will do just that!

My district provides a scope and sequence that tells us WHEN to teach each standard (but not HOW to teach it or what books to use although they do provide suggestions and resources to help!).  I love that about my school because I have freedom to teach the way I want to and I get to change things up year to year!

I am very blessed to work at a school that has bought several classroom sets of chapter books and novels over the past few years.  So, our grade level has built up quite the library to help us teach each week!  When you see a chapter book on my plan that more than likely means my students will be holding a copy of the book in their hands!  Author studies or nonfiction units are usually done as read-alouds (sometimes I do have enough books to where I can divide my students into groups or partners to do the reading).  I do check out Scholastic Book Clubs quite often so I can grab class sets of chapter books when they are $1 a piece.  I got several sets at the end of last year and I'm so excited to dig into a few new books this year!

When you click on my plans I have linked any and everything that I possibly could to..
1.  Show you the books on Amazon so you'll know the exact book I'm talking about
2.  Blog posts that show how I've taught these units in the past
3.  Units that have worked well in my classroom that I purchased from other teachers on TpT
4.  My resources
You'll also see some of the different skills I want to hit while teaching those different author, book, or character studies.  Of course, I'm sure I left some out, and we will cover a lot more in the year, BUT I wanted to have a starting point!

You can click HERE to download those plans and be looking out for my Grammar plans because they are almost done!  For my math plan click HERE


Angela Moore said...

I teach 2nd grade in a Christian school outside of Houston. I find the basal reader to be SO boring, so I'm always integrating other books. I love this plan and will be following along. I only have 8 students, so a class set of books isn't impossible for me (on my own dime, of course!) Last year we did your Cam Jansen unit with and they LOVED it.

pammy said...

Love your plans and everything you have shared. Here's my question, where do you store that many class sets of books?

Mrs. Frisbie said...

I also teach 2nd DL (eng) and can't thank you enough for all of your guidance!

Cristina Barragan said...

Love this! Very helpful! I am a Dual teacher as well and I totally agree with you that using the basal is so BORING!! I mean, if I can barely stay awake during the stories, I don't get my students to do the same. I am slowly but surely walking way from HM altogether. I do not use it for English instruction at all. My school has purchased many class sets of Magic Tree House. We love these and expand on them using nonfiction texts and units. :)

Lori Lavado said...

Thanks so much! I had asked for this via Facebook and it is soooo helpful. I will be sure to use it this year.

Denise said...

Amy do you use any other books in the Horrible Harry Series along with Horrible Harry in Room 2B you teach the second week?

Anna DiGilio said...

Amy.... Seriously girl... YOU are my HERO!!!!! The fact that you have your books planned out and your activities planned out for the entire year is A-MAZE-ING!!!! I told you in Vegas that you are amazing...and that the truth! Can you come to NY and help me plan like this?! You are always so organized and put together... I love that about you ;) Thank you for always being such an inspiration to me :)

Big Hugs
Anna DiGilio :)

tobi :) said...

HI Amy, these look great! Are you all using common core and if so, are these plans common core aligned? We do something similar but I have never laid it out like this...Thanks so much! said...

Your plans are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing. My school is moving to a month long lesson plan and this is very helpful. Thanks again.

Mrs. Bergmann said...

Hi Amy- First of all, thank you so much for sharing with us. Secondly, I'm wondering if you have specific lesson plans available for any of these lessons? I'm curious to see how you are getting through whole books (although short) in a week. I'm new to second grade so please bear with me! lol
Thank you

Nora said...

I know I am a little late to this party, but when I click the link it says the file is unavailable. Is there anyway to share this with me?