Grammar Overview!

Alrighty, y'all... I have one more yearly overview to share with you and this is probably the weakest (link-wise) of them all, so I apologize in advance!  Since my entire ELA block is only 60 minutes long (that's for Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar) I try to tie grammar into writing as much as possible.  Sadly, I don't have enough time to do a full-on writer's workshop, so we write as much as possible in every other subject area.  I completely admire Katie King and her dedication to writing.  I hope to be her when I grow up (workout dedication and all!).

You can click HERE to grab my overview!
And before I go I would like to mention that we don't wait until the 4th 6 weeks to talk about verbs, and the 3rd 6 weeks to talk about adjectives... those are just the times where we focus on it completely and extend what we already know!  It's kind of hard to build a good sentence without those key parts of speech :)

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