Crafting and creating is such a big part of the Back to School Frenzy.  I so wish that I had more time in the school year to get crafty, but I barely have time to take a potty break!  So, when I got an email from Michaels offering to help jumpstart my school year, I thought... let's do this!

I knew that I wanted something different to hold my math stations this year.  What I used last year definitely worked, but I wanted them to be a little more tucked away.  Now, thanks to Michaels, I have my Math Stations rolling cart!
The beautiful thing about this project is it was so stinkin' simple!  I literally only had to purchase THREE things to get it done (and the cart was 50% off!!).  

Materials:  Rolling Cart, washi tape, calendar numbers (all purchased at Michaels)
After putting the cart together, I put a strip of washi tape towards the top of each drawer, then hot-glued the numbers!
The drawers will house my math stations.  They are large enough to hold the station materials, extra resources, and manipulatives... yay!
Next up, I needed to make a new sign for above my door.  Each year my campus has a different theme, and we decorate above our doors to match the theme.  This year we are all about Superheroes... after racking my brain for my superhero name/door decor I decided to ask #mytribe for suggestions and ideas.  Abby came up with Sour Power and I love it!
 This project was super simple also!  At Michaels I picked up burlap pennants, yellow punch-out letters, washi tape, and scrapbook paper!
I layered each pennant with a strip of washi tape and a yellow letter.  Then, I made the capes out of scrapbook paper... put it together and DONE!
Want to enter Michael's #create2educate sweepstakes??  (You know you do!!!)  Check out the graphic below to find out all the details about the directions and rules!  Best of luck, my friends.


Kayla said...

I love the drawer cart you bought. I have never knew Michael's carried those. I love that the drawers are all the same color. I have never used washi tape before, but I think I might have to now!

Ms. King's Kinders

Unknown said...

Sour power! So cute!

Busy Mama and Her Boys said...

I was just there today! I almost bought those numbers and the cart! I couldn't believe it was 50% off. I seriously might have to go back and get that. It was only $40!

Cupcake said...

Sour Power-- Love it!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Adrienne said...

The cart is so cute! I recently just bought one from Big Lots and I knew I wanted to use it for math, but I didn't know how to cutesy it up. Thanks for the awesome idea!

Having Class

Jennifer Petropoulos said...

Very cute!!! I used the same thing last year, but I have the short double cart with the shelf on top! They work so well! You just have to show the kids how to put the drawers in carefully! I have four of them. They house math centers, literacy centers, and they are my students "book bins" or drawers in this case. I also have a tall double cart with larger drawers for my word work center! You can tighten the cart up by putting zip ties around the vertical poles, or removing one set of washers. That way it won't become tippy!

kathy sullivan said...

I love the cart idea, just wondering what your strategy is for housing the stations. I am wanting to try math stations this year but unsure of how to store them.

Shelby said...

LOVE the washi tape. How simple is that?! I'm totally going to use that to add some nice touches to my room.