Add/Sub Stations!

Hey y'all!  I'm back from vacation and ready to get back to working (kind of...if I could work in my pajamas!)  I've been recapping our cruise on my personal blog HERE... things like this happened:
I conquered my fear and actually touched a stingray.  I'm pretty sure I could take on the world now... well, if those pesky B2S nightmares would go away that is!

Now that I have both my Addition and Subtraction strategy units I wanted to make math stations that I could pair alongside those packs.  Both of those units have games and stations that I will use AFTER teaching the strategies.  But, I needed something to use before/during that time.  At the beginning of the year I want my stations to be meaningful, and for my students to be able to complete them without much assistance.  These fact fluency stations will review what they learned in first grade, but also go a little further with higher numbers.  I've decided to start introducing stations during the first week of school so that we can officially start on week 2!  Here's a look at the stations I'll be starting with:

 All of these stations are in my new unit that you can find HERE!  I purposely used very generic clip art so that they can be used all throughout the year!


Bridget S said...

That is awesome that you held a sting-ray :) I loved your vacation pics!! I've never been to St. Lucia but would love to go!!!!

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Marissa Tinkle said...
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Marissa Tinkle said...

Amy, your blog inspires me daily. I came across it at the end of the school year last year, and I have read ALL of your blog posts in the past couple of months. However, I'm a tad upset with you because I've spent a ton of time in my classroom this summer. Ha! (In your defense, I had to move classrooms.)

I do have one question. I'd love to start a blog of my own, and I have. It's not nearly as cute, creative, or helpful as yours yet. Do you know of a "teacher blogging for dummies" website, webinar, class, etc. that can some some basic info and pointers. I've found several that give tips on general lifestyle blogs but none specifically for teachers.

Thank you for sharing your ideas, classroom pics, your personal journey, and the adorable pics of your daughter.