The Math Station Plunge!

Have you taken the Math Stations plunge yet?  I spent a lot of time last year blogging about math stations because they made a HUGE impact in my classroom.  It took me a few years to get over the "no way I can fit anything else into my math block" "they will take forever to set up" "I'll have to continuously prep things" "my students will be running all over the room" mentality.  I'm so glad that I got over all my negative thoughts and just tried something new!  My students LOVED math station time, and I loved the fact that they were constantly practicing, spiraling, and reviewing concepts throughout the year.  If you haven't started incorporating math stations into your day, let me lead you to a few blog posts that may help you take the plunge! {And you won't regret it, I promise!!}

Go HERE for a look at how I planned them out and got started!
Go HERE for a pretty in-depth look at my math stations... from set up, rotating, what it looks like, etc.


Carrie Jones said...

Hi Amy! Thank you for all of the insight and helpful info. I REALLY need to take the plunge this year! And...I have had a couple of your math station packs on my wish list. Today is the day to get them going! Thank your for your sale and your enthusiasm! Also thank you for the fabulous freebies as always!

i Heart Second

Sailing into Second said...

Can't wait to implement them during our math workshop time! Thanks for the tips! :)

Sailing into Second

Positively Learning said...

THANK YOU!! These are terrific! As a special educator, I don't have the structure to do math stations, so I use these activities in my students' "Math Bags" - it really helps in building their independence! They will LOVE these :)
Thanks, Jen

Kacie Biggs said...

I have so many of your items on my wishlisst, I can't wait for this sale! :) I'm moving from teaching K for 4 years up to 2nd this year, so these are going to be fantastic to give me a jump start! Do you have a pacing guide or yearly theme plan that you used? I've been scouring online and haven't been able to find anything.


Selling the Sizzle

Elementary AMC said...

Thank you for sharing so much information on how you use math stations in your classroom. Thank you for the great freebie as well - feeling a little overwhelmed about planning for BTS so every thing helps :)

Teaching Little Miracles said...

Hi Amy! I am taking the plunge this year...I've done a little bit in years past, but this year I want to truly implement Guided Math. I'm in the middle of the Guided Math in Action book study on my blog right now. Learning so much!

Teaching Little Miracles

Thrills in Third Grade said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you for this information! Your linked posts with the "how-to" helped turn the light on for me!! You are awesome! I always need something more to add to my math lessons. Math stations are perfect! (hellooo...where have I been?) ;) I was wondering if you know who has great math stations for 3rd grade? Would yours work for 3rd or would they be a little too primary? (I love your products, but I want to make sure to cover 3rd grade standards, ya know?)
Thank you so much!
Thrills in Third Grade

suzstj said...

Where did you get those great numbers? I love them!

Rene Machjewski said...

I am incorporating math stations this year, or at least try to! Thanks so much for sharing such great stations to help me along the way!

Sarah said...

I am moving back to 2nd grade this year and am so excited to incorporate your math stations! I just purchased them all via Christmas in July! Thanks for making such great resources affordable for other teachers!! I love following your blogs & FB!!

Amy Wolski said...

Your posts this year have nudged me to take the plunge into math stations as well! I am headed over to Tpt right now! Thanks for the freebie, too!

Chelsea ONeal said...

THANK YOU!! This is great! I too started math stations and though it is defiantly still a work in progress I agree!! It is THE way to go! I have done a book review linky this summer thanks to Amanda at The Primary Gal on Laney Sammonds Guided Math. You should check it out! Here is the link to Chapter 1:

Hope you have a great new year!
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