Five For Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm linking up with my sweet friend, Doodle Bugs, to share my Five for Friday!

1.  We have welcomed some pretty sweet little twins into our family!  My sis-in-law's babies finally came home from the hospital after their 6 week stay.  It's been a blessing seeing them grow and develop!
2.  Joelle continues to grow, grow, grow.  How can I stop time???

3.  My hubby is celebrating his 31st birthday today!  We have been showering him with gifts all week and officially celebrated on Wednesday since we will be flying out for vacation today!  Everyone deserves a tacky birthday sign, right??

And, last... but certainly not least...

Here's an ELA station freebie for you!  

You may not hear from me for a while because I'll be sailing the seas on a cruise, but I'll be back soon!


Terri said...

Have fun on your cruise!

michele said...

Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy every minute of time with Joelle and every second of her life, because with daughters 20 & 23, I learned the hard way, you can't keep them little no matter how hard you try! Plus side- they do keep you young!! :)

Everyone deServes to Learn said...

I can't get over how generous you are! Thanks so much for the freebie and have so so so much fun on the cruise!


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julie allen said...

Have a wonderful time on your vacation! Thanks for the freebie!

joalderete said...

That picture of Joelle with the baby is too precious!! It reminds me of when my son was about 3 1/2 and he was holding my daughter shortly after she came home from the hospital. Now they're 18 and 15. Enjoy every sweet moment now because time flies!!

Shannon Henderson said...

Thanks for the freebie. Enjoy your vacation.

Sarah Burgess said...

I have to ask...what mascara do you use? Your eyelashes are fabulous!

Katie said...

cute freebie! Thanks :) enjoy your cruise!

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Ana said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!! Congrats on the sweet babies coming home!! :) Also your little one is adorable!
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