Sunday Smorgasbord on a Monday!

Happy Summer Vacation, friends!  It's Monday morning.  I woke up at 9:00 to my sweet little girl scratching my back.  It was pure sweetness!  It was a rainy morning so we did what every normal person does... head to the grocery store :)  My thoughts were along the lines of... I'm not quite ready to see anyone from school just yet, so I'll go while it's raining buckets!!  We threw on our hats, Joelle dressed herself (that was quite the site!), and to the store we went!  We are now listening to the toddler station on Pandora, playing with babies, and sitting down to blog.

I'm linking up with Michelle for a little Sunday Smorgasbord {on a Monday, of course!}.  Let's start with the last week of school...

Last Monday we were rewarded with Lemonade Day!  I didn't do any fun activities with this... we just enjoyed a glass of the sweet stuff :)
I also passed out my end of the year gifts.  I purposely hand these out early because the last few days we are taking home the things in our desks, any last bit of work, and the mess we've made in our lockers.  I don't want these to get lost in the mix!  I gave each student (all 37 of them!) a chapter book, mechanical pencil, stickers, and their Getting Ready for 3rd Grade booklet.  The chapter books were one buck from Scholastic, and the stickers came with my order :)  
My kiddos were really excited about their gifts... especially since I'm giving little gifts to anyone who finishes their booklet over the summer.  As long as they return their summer booklet during the first week of school they will get a prize from me!
 We also made our summer reading goals with this cute book craft from The Teacher Wife.  I pull this resource out year after year, and it's always a win!  My school participates in Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge, so this is a great way to remind my kiddos to keep reading over the summer :)
 On Wednesday we had our 2nd Grade awards.  We spent some time writing notes to teachers that have helped us throughout our 3 years in school.  I got this sweet note from one of my kiddos... I'm so glad to me the best teacher they never met, ha!
 We also did a little awards celebration in our classroom with donuts and orange juice.  Nothing fancy, but it was fun!
 I used Hope's classroom superlatives for our class awards!
We also did our fair share of playing outside (a lot!), watching a movie, reading around the room, drawing, and anything else to keep us busy during the last few days of school.  Then, it finally came to an end and I was exhausted!  I took a good nap on Friday after school, slept in on Saturday, and was finally feeling like a normal human being by Saturday night!  It takes a while to get over that last week of school!!!

And, now I'm on summer break.  Complete bliss.  We celebrated new twins in the family with a Thing 1 and Thing 2 shower for my sis-in-law on Sunday.  I did the chalkboards which is always a stress-reliever for me!

I chopped off my hair... a good 6 inches at least!  It's hot here, y'all.  And, it's only June.  I would blow dry my hair and be sweating.  It's really hard to fix your hair when sweat is dripping down your face and back {TMI???}!  So, it had to go!  I'm still getting use to the change, but am much cooler so all is well :)
 Now I get two whole months with this sweet thang!  She's growing up so quickly so this summer is going to be extra special!  I'm going to cherish every moment I have with her :)  I foresee lots of pool time, late breakfasts, bike rides, and long summer naps in our future!
Head on over to Michelle's blog to see what everyone else is up to :)


Julie said...

Those chalkboards are adorable! Twins are SO much fun if I do say so myself!! :)

Jamie knefely said...

I know what you mean about sweating and burning up!! I live in Bossier, Louisiana which is just a hop, jump, and skip from where you are {only a few hours drive into Texas} and the humidity alone will make a poor girl melt! Gotta' love those southern heat wave summers!! My hair is up in a pony on top of my head most of the summer!! Enjoy your summer with your cute little sweetie!!

Theresa Copeland said...

Our school participates in the Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge too! And, I just LOVE those $1 books! I was able to get all of my students "Third Grade Angels" and use my points! Such a good idea to have a little prize for kiddos who turn in their summer review packet! Have a great summer with your cutie!

Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

Alison Siefker said...

I love your chalkboards! I threw a Dr. Seuss themed last summer for my sis-in-law who also was having twins. I could have used those sayings then! Enjoy your summer break with your beautiful girl. Thanks for inspiring my teaching!

Stefanie Galvin said...

Love your class gifts! What a wonderful way to end the year!

Miss Galvin Learns

Carrie Jones said...

Hi Amy! That sounds like lots of fun! I usually end up needing to finish up assessments the last week of school. The kids actually had great focus...I was shocked! I am going to have a goal of having more fun during the last week of school next year. We did parts of your Big Kid books. The kids loved them! So did I! Thank you for that awesome pack of resources!

Another good one-liner from our little buddies is, "You're the beast!" instead of "the best!" I tell my teaching friends that they are "the beast" all the time! Just want to be an encourager. :-)

i Heart Second

The Think Aloud Cloud

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...
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Kelly said...
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Jenny Looney said...

Those chalkboards turned out so stinkin' cute!! I gave my students a book as their end of the year gift too, I love all their $1 books! I love the reading pledge craftivity, I need to incorporate that next year!

Jenny Looney
Livin’ The Third Grade Dream

Shelby - First Time Firstie said...

What are you planning on doing for prizes for your kiddos that finish their summer book?! :)

Also, totally feel your pain on the hair. I have a TON of it and I'm always getting overheated when blowdrying. I'm too scared to cut it, though! It took me so long to grow it out :)

First Time Firstie

Kimberly said...

cute haircut!!