It's a HAPPY kind of week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  It's a week when everything goes perfectly, your kids treat you with the upmost respect, they work quietly, they use their manners, they get along, the parents shower you with really awesome gifts, and more, right???!!!  Am I the only one living in a perfect world??  ;)

KIDDING!  It is nice to feel appreciated for the 180 some odd days that we pour into a classroom full of kiddos!  There are so many things you do day in and out that nobody ever notices.  Things like... supplying an endless amount of bandaids, tying shoelaces, listening to child drama, repairing broken books, opening jammed lockers, cleaning up spills, zipping jackets, untying knots that mysteriously appear in shoelaces, typing in passwords (because we all know that they've only had 150+ days to memorize it!), finding book pages, googling information for crazy questions, entertaining 20+ kids for over 7 hours a day, spelling every known word in the English language, copying papers, planning lessons, calling and emailing parents, filing papers, organizing field trips, being the a recess referee, getting your class from point A to point B without any major meltdowns and so much more, all while....

Teaching and conducting end of the year assessments.  But...hey, you DO get weekends and summers off, right?!!  HA!

Anyways, if no one else tells you- I appreciate you and I know how much your pour into your job.  I know you don't just work during school hours.  I know it takes up your nights, weekends, and summers.  I know that YOU are making a difference!

Switching gears...

Today we learned about the Property of Zero and One in multiplication.  Last year I made these charts.  They were much cuter last year, but I made them all by myself.  This year I decided to involve my students a little more.  Each student wrote a multiplication sentence on the zero and one (with smelly markers which made this a highlight of their year, ha!).  Did they mess up?  YEP!  Are all of the equations correct? NOPE!  But, we are going to use that as a teachable moment tomorrow!!
Then we made these flapbooks that you can get for FREE HERE!
 I also let my students choose how they wanted to color code their math facts.  It's amazing how much more engaged they are when they have the freedom on something so small!  I'll do whatever it takes at this point, ha!
 And, because I'm a slacker, I just started gifts for Joelle's teachers today after school.  I'm a day late and a dollar short, but it'll have to do!  She has three more school days this week, so I made sure to have something for each day.  Here's what I bought and where you can download the tags:

Tuesday:  gardening gloves and shovels (they have a class garden)- TAG
Wednesday:  Insulated cups with candy inside- TAG
Thursday:  scarves and socks- TAG


Chelsea ONeal said...

LOVE your 0 & 1!!! I am going to do this with my kiddos!! We have already talked about it "informally"... They would Love to have the visual!!

And I appreciate you!!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

Courtney B said...

Love your post! All your ideas are always appreciated. Happy Teacher Appreciation!