Ideas for Mother's Day!

It's Thursday.  Which means tomorrow is Friday.  I'm raising the roof right now in excitement ;)  Our grade level had a field trip scheduled for today.  We've been planning it for MONTHS!  One of my teammates got a grant for us to go on a super exciting adventure.  And then the rain came.  When I say rain, I mean RAAAIIIINNN.  Lots of it.  Buckets and buckets full.  Well, when you are going on an outdoor field trip, you kinda need ZERO rain.  We had to make the tough call to reschedule it for another day (I'm just sure our new date will be the most beautiful day we've ever seen, right??!!).  To ease the grinding and gnashing of teeth from our students we planned a Read-In today.  And, it worked!  Sure, they were upset that the field trip was rescheduled, but when you get to bring a pillow and blanket to school everything seems to magically get better :)

Well, I don't know about you, but a FULL day of reading around the room normally drives me a little crazy.  I like structure and order.  Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to get a day to finish assessments, enter grades, and do things around my classroom, but I normally find myself redirecting students every five seconds.  So, I also planned to finish up our Mother's Day gifts during our Read-In.  We read for a little bit, worked on our gifts, read some more, worked on our gifts... and did a few Brain Breaks from Go Noodle in between :)  And, it worked out great!

We made these directed drawings of our moms for Mother's Day.  Here are a few of my favorites, but they are all so cute and unique.  I think they did an awesome job!
When I was thinking about what I wanted my students to make for their moms, I thought about what I like getting from Joelle.  What do I treasure and hold onto... anything Joelle draws from scratch and anything with a handprint/footprint/fingerprint.  Those things are just precious to me.  Anything else finds a new home in the trashcan ;) because I also like cleanliness, ha!
My students wrote a letter, short story, or poem for their moms to staple underneath their portraits.
Some of them almost made me tear up!  "You helped me learn to love God.  I love you.  I love you more than anything!  (except God).  
"My mom is the nicest mom ever!  Well to me she is because she cooks, cleans, and helps.  I think my brothers would agree." hahaha!
"You are as sweet as a blossom, as cute as a puppy, and full of love."
You can get that writing paper HERE!

We also made these sweet little cards with our thumbprints.  I got this idea from Sassy Dealz.  They were pretty simple to make, and turned out CUTE!
I did laminate them for durability and hotglued the ribbon on top.  Hopefully they will be a hit!
Now I'm going to curl up, watch some trash TV, and enjoy this rainy evening!  OH, and in case you didn't hear, TPT has extended the sale due to the technical difficulties yesterday!  You have a few more hours to shop :)  Which is good because I have yet to fill up my cart!!!  Gotta get on that ASAP!


Lita Lita said...

Looove directed drawing. Moms will keep those portraits forever. :)

Kattreena said...

This is amazing! Can you share the steps for this directed drawing? I'm just exploring directed drawings and trying to learn more about them! :) thanks!!

Allison Cosgrove said...

Everything is so adorable! Sorry about your rainy day! That's always a bummer! We did sharpie drawings and then watercolor painted portraits of our MOMS in Kindergarten this week! I framed them and they turned out so adorable... each one so unique! I just love your lightning bug cards! Too cute for words!

What units would you recommend buying for starting off teaching in second grade? I am moving from Kinder to 2nd next year and need to figure out where oh where to start!?? Thanks so much!

Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

I, too, would like to see steps for the directed drawing of moms. It's not something I'm familiar with and I love how the pictures turned out.

amy.lemons said...

All I do is walk project my drawing on screen and show them step by step how I would make it. We did it all in pencil first, then traced in black marker, and colored in crayon. I discussed coloring nicely and filling up all of the white spaces :)

Charlie Herbert said...

Mrs. Lemons,

I follow your blog religiously! I teach 2nd grade and I have purchased many of your tpt items. I did this M-Day drawing today in my class and they turned out so cute!! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!!!

Mrs. Ibarra said...

Those drawing are amazing!

littlefolkgal said...

You are so lucky to have gotten such a great little girl. But even luckier is that little girl who has come to a loving and caring home. I wish all adopted children were as lucky as your little Joelle. God knew what he was doing when he gave her with you!