A Graduate, Pickles, and Popcorn!

Before I start sharing about what my kiddos at school were up to this week... this happened.

My baby girl graduated from preschool.
 She has learned so much, and is more than academically prepared for Kindergarten.  And for that, I am so proud!  Her teacher gave a little spill about each graduate and when it was Joelle's turn... the tears started flowing... not just from us but from her teacher also!  She said something along the lines of, "Oh Joelle, where do I even start?!  We are from the same continent of Africa, and Joelle reminds me so much of myself when I was little.  She is always the first to help.  She will not take a nap until every child is tucked in for naptime, and she rubs the babies' backs until they fall asleep.  Joelle fixes hair for all of the little girls and cleans up after everyone.  She is so helpful and loving, and I will miss her dearly!"  And, that made me even more proud.  Of course I am stoked that she can read and write her numbers to 100.  That makes me impressed for sure!  But, I am even more proud that she is learning to love like Christ and share HIS love with others.  I tell her several times a week "Let all that you do be done in love!"
Now that my eyes are filled with tears, AGAIN, I am going to move on.  I am a blessed mommy, that's for sure!

In the classroom, we continued to trek on with our behavior rewards.  On Thursday, my classes earned...

PICKLE DAY!  We started with this book...
And then the taste-testing began!
Although a bunch of kids didn't care for pickles at all, they still had lots of fun.  Graphing was definitely a must!
 I decided that we NEEDED a pickle craft.  I went to some of my blogging BFFs for some inspiration, and they didn't disappoint!  Sarah Cooley just happened to have the perfect pickle clipart for my inspiration and pickle body!  You can grab this craft HERE!  I love how some of my kiddos added extra details to their pickle people :)
There is a Magic School Bus about pickles also!  That definitely added to our fun!
 On Friday I took my little sweetie to her LAST day of preschool.  I must admit that I am super excited for her to be on my campus next year.  There will probably be a lot more selfies in the years to come :))
At school we enjoyed our Popcorn Day!  It was a perfect way to end the week!  We read The Popcorn Book by Tommie DePaola.
 Since I don't have a microwave in my classroom I decided to go the easy route with pre-popped bags of popcorn.
 I mixed it altogether and it made quite the yummy treat.
 We enjoyed our popcorn with a short movie (because everyone needs a movie with their popcorn, of course!)  Then, we did a quick adjective review to describe what we had tasted :)

Now I have FIVE more days to figure out.  Thankfully three of them are half-days!  I seriously CANNOT wait to spend the summer with my little graduate... time to make lots of memories before another crazy school year begins!


Jessica said...

Great post! Can I pick your brain about how you decided where Joelle should go to school????

We have a four-year-old who will start school in 2015. We're trying to decide where he should go to school: (1) a neighborhood school where he could interact with kids nearby. It's a high performing district, but larger schools. (2) my school, which is starting a dual language immersion program in 2015 (he could would be in that program). It's a low performing school, but we're excited about the dual language program.

How did you decide where your daughter should go to school?

Gladys said...

Love this post! Joelle is such a sweetheart...congratulatons to her! :)

Sandy Contreras said...

I always tear up to your posts! I'm continuing to pray for you and your growing family. God bless you all.

Elementary Expedition

Busy Bees said...

God definitely answers prayers and chose the perfect parents to raise Joelle. She is such a gift from God. I definitely LOVE reading your posts to see how God has blessed your family~
Busy Bees

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love the theme days! I want to try it next year! Looks like great fun!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

www.jwhit.com said...

Enjoy your summer. You deserve it.

Rachel Mullen said...

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am brand new to the teacher blogging world! I just graduated from college, and am starting my first full time teaching position in a few days. If you have any tips or advice for a new blogger, please let me know. Also, feel free to check out my blog and let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!!!! :)


Laura V. ~ A Grace-Filled Classroom said...

I feel like I really know Joelle! From her smile alone, anyone could tell that she is always happy and kind hearted. My heart would melt if I had a child and those words were said about him or her. You have all the right to be a proud momma!

All your end of the year activities are so cute. I love how you tied in academics with it all. It's giving me great ideas for last few days. (13 more to go!)

Molly said...

Your little Joelle just sounds like the kindest, sweetest little lady! Way to to go on raising such a unique and amazing child! I love reading your adventures together! Happy Almost Summer!

Lucky to Be in First

Wife of the Prez said...

That was a tearjerker! I just spent some time on your blog. Wow! Your students are so blessed to have you for a teacher! GIFT comes to my mind! You are obviously GIFTED in teaching. :)

As an adoptive Momma myself, I know just how proud you are of Joelle. We are so blessed to have these children! I have four through adoption, and I too am so proud of how hard they have worked and how smart they are!

CONGRATS on your waiting little boy. I know too how hard it is to wait. I hope and pray you can bring him home very soon. Something that really helped me was to remember a saying a friend told me, "While you are waiting, He is working."

I loved your 10 Things List too. It is very similar to mine on several points! I will be in VEGAS too! I cannot wait!

Thanks too for the animal report freebie. I intend to use that this week! My 2nd graders (going into 3rd) will LOVE this. You are so right that 2nd graders are wild about animals. Hope your day is BLESSED! :)

Kim said...

I was wondering if I could pick your brain. :) Is there any way that you could post your small guided reading group plans, maybe just for one week. I'm interested in seeing how you run your groups, and how you use your data. (This is the new focus in my school district). You seem to have a very good handle on it. :) Thanks for your help and enjoy your summer in your new house. Your family is beautiful!

Reagan Tunstall said...

pickles and popcorn and joelle...my life is complete!
Love reading your blog! ;)

Roses said...

Terrific blog! Lots of super ideas! Definitely a fan!
Is there a pattern for the popcorn box available?
Thank you for sharing!

Roses said...

Terrific blog! Lots of super ideas! Definitely a fan!
Is there a pattern for the popcorn box available?
Thank you for sharing!

Ashley Eisenbeisz said...

Hi Amy! Love your blog!
I also teach 2nd grade and I'm looking for a cute EOY gift to give my students. Any ideas? :)

Stephanie Bernia said...

Cute story to read is Pickle Things by Marc Tolon Brown. It is really old and hard to find but there is a read aloud on youtube. It was one of my favorites as a little girl.