Station Work!

Well hello there, friends!  Room 43 has been stirring with lots of activity lately.  Our bodies are restless, our voices are loud, and we have just about lost our minds, ha!  When you walk into my classroom you can definitely tell that the end of the year is near!  To keep my students busy and engaged while I'm completing end of the year assessments, we have been digging into lots of station work!  There's just no way I can teach lessons and do individual reading assessments.  I mean, I would love to have a few clones of myself, but we all know that's just not gonna happen!!

So, I prepped 10 ELA stations for my kiddos to rotate through this week.  Each day they visit 2 of the stations.  Our schedule looks like this:
Rotation 1 (30 minutes)- if you finish early go to Daily Five
Seat Work-spelling or a comprehension sheet- (30 minutes)
Rotation 2 (30 minutes)- if you finish early go to Daily Five

I used some of the stations from Hope's Keep Calm and Bug On unit.

 Mixed with my Spring Has Sprung unit.  We had already completed several of the activities in my stations, so I had to pull a few from other units as well!
 So we've been working with words, writing stories, and lots of other stuff!
 2 students visit the station at a time.  They collaborate to complete the station, but do complete their own recording sheet.

To keep up with who goes where and all of the work, here's what I came up with.
We folded a large piece of paper into half, and wrote a quick checklist on the outside.  When students finish their station, they lay the checklist folder with the completed work on my table.  When I get a quick second I either grade the paper or check it off.  It depends on what it is as to if I'm taking a final grade on it.  Normally I grade things that take me a second to look through because ain't nobody got time to grade lengthy assignments!  The graded checklist help my students know which stations they have completed and which one to get from me during the next round.  And, the stars mean that the sheet is 2-sided because they tend to ignore the other side most of the time!!
We are keeping all of the recording sheets in our station-made folders.  Everything is safe and sound in one place!  At the end of the week I will collect them, record the grades in my gradebook and send home.
 Oh, and because several people have asked....

Here's how I store all of my stations.  It's a hot mess.  I have no station organization.  I can feel how utterly disappointed you are in me, but it's okay because I feel the same way about myself.  However, this is me keepin' it real.  I put all my stations in bags, throw them in a filing cabinet drawer and hope for the best.  And quite honestly, I have zero desire to organize them, ha!  


My Carolina Classroom said...

Ugh, I need some clones too. However, I finished my EOY reading assessments today so I am SO EXCITED! I love the checklist idea. I'll have to remember that for next year.

My Carolina Classroom

Courtney B said...

I am so not organized either but I wish I was. My teammate walked into my classroom the other day and said that it was really obvious that I was the creative type. Oh well! It's impossible to do it all.

Emily said...

My center storage looks similar! I use poly envelopes to store them during the week so they're more durable and portable for the kids, but I can't seem to figure out a better way to store them for me! >.<

Munchkins Inc.

Theresa Copeland said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one whose stations are a hot mess! Thanks for sharing and making me feel like I'm not a slacker! Ha!

Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

Ellen M Martin said...

I used to store mine the same way. They I got smart and started storing them by unit with my other materials. It made it so much easier. :)

Michelle said...

Thank you for keeping it real! That makes me love what you do even more than ever! You rock!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

LOL! I love that you said you have "no desire to organize them!" Hahaha!

I feel your end of the year pain with the rowdy kids!

Megan :)
Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

Jenny Looney said...

If you walked in my classroom you'd think the last day of school was YESTERDAY. Restless would be a very sweet way to describe my students now that the dreaded STAAR is over. I can't wait to incorporate these stations! I love how you grade/check each thing as they go. I'd never thought to do that!

Jenny Looney
Bananas for Third

Gladys said...

Thank you for showing us your "station organization"! I'm so relieved I'm not the only one that's a hot mess when it comes to organizing the stations. ;) I puffy {heart} 'ya even more for keeping it real!


claudia morales said...

You are a genius! I love the station self made checklist!!!