Happy Monday!

I find it hard to believe that I even have time to breathe today let alone put together a blog post, but somehow I am pulling out my multi-tasking powers to get it done {Also known as... I drank a lot of caffeine and have energy to burn!!}!  I always fear that I'll get too busy throughout the week and won't check back in with you all, so there's no time like the present.

Today we started our poetry unit.  I don't have anything put together in a pack for poetry, I just use what I find from year to year and try to hit as many different forms of poetry that I can without wanting to pull my hair out.  I want my students writing poetry, but I'm more concerned about the exposure and giving them opportunities to realize that they can write in several different forms!  I don't get too picky, but we do have fun! 

We were supposed to start with list poems today (because let's face it... those are easy!), but as we were watching our Brain Pop Jr, I decided that we should give Rebus Poems a try.  And, let me just tell you... we had a lot of fun with them!  Both of my classes wrote original poems, and my students drew the pictures/symbols that we used in the place of words :)  HERE is a great website with LOTS of rebus poems!
I saw a monkey playing ball.
Then he ran into a wall.
The monkey jumped so high.
He nearly touched the sky.

I saw a little boy eating ice cream.
He dropped it and began to scream.
The cone also fell to the ground.
He was so sad that he made a loud sound.

In math we started Area.  It's Monday, so we watched another Brain Pop Jr.  {Those 3 minutes are the most peaceful of the day, are they not?!}

Then, I gave each student a shape, and we counted the area of the figures together.  Afterwards, my class had to line up {SILENTLY} to put themselves in order from the least amount of area to the greatest.  They couldn't move their lips at all!  It was definitely entertaining to watch :)  If I did it again I would do this before we measured the Area and then check it so see if we were right!
Of course we made our area robots like last year.  They are just too cute not to do!
 You can grab this FREEBIE here!


Courtney B said...

Love your poems! You are so right about BrainPop. I keep wishing there were more videos so I could have a little more peace each day. Love your race outfits. Y'all are too cute!

eyelashy said...

We used your Area Robots last year and the kids LOVED them! I can't wait to see what the kids will come up with this year. Thanks for sharing that freebie with all of us!

Karen j. said...

Love Reagan! I was lucky enough to meet her last year at CAMT. She is super sweet! Thanks for the great area idea. We are coming up on measurement soon.

Reagan Tunstall said...

I love you AMY LEMONS...Today a super cute third grade teacher in my building came up and mouthed AMY LEMONS WAS IN THE BUILDING...then we just screamed and flailed our arms like fools for a second. :) #famous

Deedee Wills said...

Um... I got, "You spent the weekend with AMY LEMONS?!" You are sort of a big deal EVERYWHERE Mrs. Lemons!

Love you!

Jessica Lara said...

Amy I just have to officially thank you so much for writing this blog and sharing your wonderful ideas! You have inspired me to start blogging as well. Your joy is contagious! Thank you Amy Lemons!

Carrie Jones said...

Hi Amy, That sounds like it was a fun weekend! Thank you for taking the time and energy to blog about things that you are doing in your classroom with and for your students. I am inspired and encouraged to be the most fun teacher I can be! I agree with Jessica! Also, thank you for the cute robot activity!

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Emily said...

I LOVE the area robots! Downloaded the freebie, and we'll be doing those on Friday! :o)

KaSandra said...

My kiddos are obsessed with BrainpopJr! They love to take the quizzes and write the answers on their desks with dry erase markers or play four corners. We watched the poetry one too. Thanks for the website tip about Rebus poems :-)

D. Frideley said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Did you get to the River Walk?