Fraction Overload!

Well hello there, friends.  Did spring greet you with nicer weather?  It has been an absolutely beautiful day here in North Texas.  One of those days when you can just smell the sweet, sweet summertime.  It's so close, but still 11 weeks away...sigh.  Well, we do intend on making the most of the 11 weeks of 2nd grade we have left.  No time like the present to start working our tails off!

And that's just what we've done with fractions... worked so hard, but hardly even knew we were working because we've had so much fun!!  I'm going to give you a little run-down of our week in math.

On Monday we started with these Cookie Fraction Books.  Now we can easily refer to them throughout the week in our math spirals :)
After making our fraction booklets we did a little I-Spy Fractions action!
On Tuesday we made our Fraction Hats!  Each student shaded and labeled their fractions, then came to my table to choose their band color and pick up some stickers for a little extra decor :)
The bright colors and stickers definitely help add that extra touch!

After making our hats on Tuesday, my students worked in partners to complete a Fraction Pocket-Book.  
 They decided if the pictorial representation was closer to zero or one-whole.
On Wednesday each student made a "My Fraction Friend." These were a huge hit!  If I can tie any type of writing into math, I definitely try! {AND, a cute craft never hurts ;)}

On Thursday we started math with Fraction BINGO!  My students were almost perfect while playing so that we could keep going on and on and on and on ;)
 Because they enjoyed it so much, I put it into our math supplies bucket.  This is something they can do when they finish math stations early.
Unfortunately I still have to take grades in the midst of having so much fun... sad day.  We did a math spiral entry with these little fraction pictures.  My students chose how they wanted to shade their fraction, then labeled it underneath!  
But, the fun didn't stop there! During Math Stations, my small group played Roll and Cover from my Fraction Unit.  This game will make its way to our math supplies bucket as well.  They can't get enough of dice rollin', that's for sure!

 And once that was finished, we did a quick assessment during our small group time.  I just turned to my fraction pages and this took all of 2 minutes to complete!
 I especially like it when they can work side by side on something, but complete different skills.  I was able to quickly assess and do a little reteach.  So simple, but very effective!
All of these activities are from my Become a Fraction Fanatic Unit.  Tomorrow we are going to finish up with a memory game and flap-book that also come from the same resource.  The fraction assessments are from my Show Me What You Know unit.

OHH, andI knew I had made some fraction stuff last summer, but completely if you didn't catch these freebies then, here they are now:

I emailed this worksheet to parents so my students could do extra practice at home this week:
And because tonight was monumental, I just have to share.  We had Kindergarten Round-Up tonight, my sweet girl will be at school with me next year and I couldn't be more excited!!!  I got a little giddy when the school supply list was placed in my hands.  I just can't wait to see her each day at school :)))  We are going to celebrate over frozen pizza and Disney Junior because we are fancy like that ;)  Blessings!


Laura Scheunemann said...

Haha... enjoy your fancy celebration meal with your darlin' girl. And thanks for all the great photos/info on your post.

Chelsea ONeal said...

Making notes for next year!! Looks so fun!

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Jamie knefely said...

How exciting that your daughter will be in kindergarten next year!!! Big and exciting changes on the way. I smiled when you said that your class loves to roll dice, because so do my little ones too!! Whenever I break out the dice smiles come across their faces. I think they just love all the noise they make and getting to toss something around:)) Thanks for sharing great ideas!!


Deanna Jump said...

You're cookie fraction fellas are so stinkin' cute and J is absolutely precious!!

Angela Hevron said...

How exciting that your cutie-patootie is going to be at your school next year! And your fraction activities are so cute! Love that roll and cover game.
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Kelley Cirrito said...

Your students got a lot of fraction practice! I loved teaching fractions last year, but I remember learning them growing up and I hated them! I can't believe Joelle is going to be in seems like just yesterday you brought her home. I hope she had a lot of fun in Bisney World!!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I have a lot of your fraction things and love them! Can't believe your little lady will be in kinder next year!

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Corinne said...

I love reading about your classroom activities! It inspires me to add more creativity and pizazz to some of my own lesson planning. I bought the Help the Hudgeons Bundles to support the family and fundraising efforts. I was absolutely thrilled to find your Fractions unit there. My Grade Twos will now get to experience some of the same wonderful activities your kidlets experienced.

Leslie Moore said...

I was wondering what math program does your school use??? Your activities are so cute and a great addition to my units!!

The Jasper Family said...

Amy, your baby girl is so stinking cute! It is a blessing to have your baby at school with you each only is in second grade across the hall this year and her teacher and I are 2 of your biggest fans! I went through and marked all of the pages to be copied/laminated tomorrow from your fraction unit, which I LOVE!!! Can't wait to make Fraction Friends this week!!!

Ms. Fiema's Class said...

Where can I buy your fraction unit? Thanks!