A Day in My Classroom

It's Monday.  How is it possible to be so exhausted after a restful weekend?!  Tired or not, I'm here to show you what a day looks like in my classroom.  I tried to snap some pics throughout our day today to give you a better picture of what we do! I get so many questions about time constraints and how I fit it all in.  Well, I don't.  I always think I could do more, teach better, squeeze something else in.  I have a TIGHT schedule, so here it goes...

It all starts in the morning.  Our morning work varies.  Sometimes I use Morning Work from Second Story Window.  Sometimes we do spelling.  Sometimes we finish work... it just all depends on the day/week.  I'm not a fan of doing the same thing every morning.  I try to fit spelling in there because if not, we just don't have the time.  This morning we did ABC Order and a quick-write until it was time to get started with our day.  We use our spirals a lot during this time.
 Our day really gets started at 8:00.  Announcements are over, the tardy bell has rung, and most of my kids have arrived by that time.  This morning I introduced Prefixes with a Brain Pop Jr video and a class chart.  I gave each student a root word and we decided which flap it should go under.  I found the idea for this HERE.  I also have some prefix freebies HERE.

I switch classes and do the same English lesson again with my 2nd group.

At 9:00 we stop doing whole group lessons and start our Daily 5/guided reading groups.  This class did have to complete ABC Order with their spelling words before they could choose their Daily 5.  While my students are in Daily 5, I meet with 2 guided reading groups.  Our grade level shares students during this time, so I get students from other classes, and some of mine go to another teacher.  We combined all of our reading level data so that we could make the most of our guided reading time.  This helped us form groups with 4-6 students instead of having a group of 2 or 3.
 At 9:30 we resume our language arts time with reading.  This week we are reading Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears.  Before reading each student made a prediction on a sticky note and put it on our Horrible Harry chart.  We will also use this chart for character analysis, chapter summaries, interesting words, and so on.  For the most part when we read a chapter book I have a class set of these books.  We read parts of it together and they read some of it in partners.  Today we read all but three pages together, and then they finished up Chapter 1 with their partner.  Often times I do a comprehension check so that I can have reading grades.  It also helps me make sure they are paying attention :)  You can find my Horrible Harry stuff for free HERE.
 I've talked a lot about my math block, so I'll try not to bore you!  For the first 40-45 minutes we do our math concept... we may be doing this whole group, in partners, or independently.  But, we are all working on the same concept.  Today we started standard measurement.  I read Inch By Inch by Leo Lionni.  Each student drew an animal and we measured them using inches and centimeters.  Later in the week we will squeeze more in during this time, but it's always hard to get a lot done on Mondays!
 After the students finish their math assignments- whether it's independent or partner work- they go to math stations.  This week we are using my Some Bunny Loves Math Stations.  After Math Stations I am done with Class 2 and get my class back for the rest of the day.
And the rest of the day I teach on repeat!  So, I get one class for a 2 1/2 hour chunk, and my homeroom is spread throughout the rest of the day :)
11:00-11:20:  Recess
11:25-11:55:  Lunch
11:55-12:30:  Reading with Class 1
12:30-1:10:  Math with Class 1
1:10-1:30:  Math Stations with Class 1
1:30-2:15:  Students go to PE, Music, or Library and I am on conference
2:15-2:50:  Daily 5 and Guided Reading with Class 1

Mondays are definitely more about introducing and getting back in the groove.  I'm always exhausted and thirsty because I do the most of my talking on Monday!  For the rest of the week my students are normally working with their partner while I am just facilitating!

Keep in mind that my partner teacher teaches Science, Social Studies, and Spanish Language Arts.  So, my kiddos do get 2 hours of language arts a day, it's just in two languages :))

Have any questions?  Ask below!

And before I go, I have to tell you about my sweet friend, Michelle from Smitten With First.  You may have seen her picture on my blog before because we've met up a couple of times in real life.  She's just as precious as they come, and her family couldn't be any sweeter.  Michelle is expecting her 2nd child in just a few short months.  Her little one was diagnosed with Spina Bifida.  You can read more about her story HERE or HERE.
First of all, I know Michelle's heart would be warmed if you prayed for her sweet boy.  They are praying for a miracle, and sweet Piercen is in my prayers often.  She's asking everyone to spread the word to pray that God would heal her baby.  I don't know about you, but I believe my God is capable of anything... whether the doctors believe it or not!

You can also help by purchasing a bundle of pretty amazing units!  There are 3 different bundles that you can choose from.  With the diagnosis came some pretty hefty medical bills.  When we all band together, a little can go a long way!  Head on over to make a donation and receive classroom resources in return!


Positively Learning said...

These are my fave types of posts - I love reading how other teachers' days go. I totally hear you on having a tight schedule - we have an extended day and STILL don't get it all in. Thanks for the freebie :)

Chelsea ONeal said...

How do you base what whole group story you will do? Do you use the basel much??

I just love your post I want to be you when I grow up!! lol

Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

Tina Sternberg said...

Could you explain that prefix fold-able that is in your pics above. Was this a whole class?

Kristen said...

Does your school use any kind of reading or math curriculum? Or do you have to come up with everything on your own?

Samantha McClure said...

Do you have an issue with kids coming in late or simply messing around and not doing their morning work (I do)? I would love to do morning work, but in the past, it has just been a huge paper trail. I like how you complete it in a spiral notebook so it staying in their desks. Is all morning work done in the spiral notebook?

Thanks for posting this!

Teaching on Cedar Street

Mrs Cupcake said...

It's nice to see how another teacher fits it all in!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

amy.lemons said...

Chelsea- I don't use a basal. My district provides a scope and sequence on what standards they want us to teach each 6 weeks and I use things that I've made or purchased.

amy.lemons said...

Tina- I made the large chart out of butcher paper... using two sheets to layer. Then, I gave each student a root word that was written on a post it note. They came up, read it to the class, and the class decided which prefix they should use to complete the word!

amy.lemons said...

Kristen- my district has a math and reading textbook adoption, but I choose to do other things in my classroom. We have the freedom to teach the standards how we see fit :)

amy.lemons said...

Samantha- Yes, I have that problem! I try to keep it simple even though we have 30 minutes. I grade things from their spirals immediately, so I know right away who didn't complete it. Unfortunately, those who don't finish do it at recess. That helps them stay focused though!

Laura Barron said...

I really enjoyed reading about your daily schedule! I love your blog!

I want to help Michelle and her family. I looked at the bundles and they aren't quite right for my grade (3rd). Is there any other way to make a donation to the family? Please let me know. Thanks!

AMC Looking From Third to Fourth said...

I have been reading your blog and stealing your ideas for what seems like forever and I was so excited to see your prefix anchor chart today - thanks for linking back to my post. I love how you used it in your classroom - still stealing ideas from your blog :)

I am going to check out those bundles and will send prayers to Michelle and her family.

Stacey Stanzel said...

I really enjoy reading about your classroom and love your products. I was sorry to hear about Michelle and will pray for her family. Does all of the money from purchasing her products go directly to her cause or do you know of a website where I could simply donate money?

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing what your day looks like. It's helpful to see what other teachers can fit in their days. You're awesome!

SassySub said...

I love getting a peek into other teachers' days! Thank you so much for being so open and sharing so much about what and how you teach. You were my first blogger I ever followed and my favorite! You have inspired me to blog and start a TPT store and it has changed my life!

Deedee Wills said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. She will be on my list of prayers.

Love you!

Giggles at Greene said...

What a day you have!?! However,, it seems as though it's still a great one!! Love everything

graciegirl said...

You definitely have a full day. Great thing is, you are very organized!
I will definitely keep this precious baby in my prayers and looking forward to seeing him!

Beth said...

I wanted to leave you a quick comment to let you know how THANKFUL I am for your blog! I will be graduating from college in May and am applying for jobs across my state and grades K-5. Your blog has been a consistent encouragement as I read your fantastic ideas. I especially enjoyed seeing how your day is scheduled-- such an encouragement in a time where I am not sure what grade I will be walking into! It is clear that you care about your students and it is a joy to read the interesting lessons you are teaching. I think you are outstanding!
I will be praying for Mr. Piercen. Thank you again for sharing with all of us!

Leslie Moore said...

Thanks so much for your blog!! I have used a ton of your resources this year. I was wondering about your centers, Do you grade the activities on the recording sheets? Prayers for your friend!

C said...

Do you read another book in your guided reading time or do you focus on the chapter book you read as a whole class? Are all of your reading students on the same reading level? I would love to read chapter books as a whole class but there is no way we could have a class all on the same level...only a wish. :)

Lisa said...

Do you ever teach science or social studies? Or is that another teacher?

Sagheer said...

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Courtney Eimer said...

I was curious as to whether or not you do Read to Self or Independent reading - is it part of your daily 5? Thanks!

Pencils, Plans, & Pinteresting Ideas

Emily Kate said...

I just came across this post and wanted to say thanks for the shout out, Amy!

Emily from Second Story Window