Poor Henry Green!

Every year my students thoroughly enjoy reading Chocolate Fever.  We are at the edge of our seats until he is finally cured from those awful chocolate spots!  For the past two weeks we have been digging into the novel, and I'm definitely sad that it's coming to an end tomorrow!

Here are some things that we have completed throughout our novel unit...

We made ourselves the main character of the book by creating a new cover featuring our food of choice. Are your students as obsessed with Takis as mine are?  Oh my... they can't get enough!
I love how this one is down and out because of her Candy Corn Fever!
 We also acted as if we were the doctors and wrote Henry a prescription.  Apparently Henry needs to Come down!  Also known as... Calm down :)
 And, of course we need a pill\ to go with our prescriptions :)
 This was one of my favorite activities, and the first year that I incorporated it.  It's from Hope's Chocolate Fever unit.  My students had to determine which character traits matched up with Henry, but they had to find proof in the book first.
You can see here how my students located the page number that correlated with where that character trait could be identified.  As long as they could find the proof I let them keep the character traits!

 One of my favorite drawings of him...
Tomorrow we will say goodbye to Henry Green and his chocolate fever, but I know my students won't forget about him!  


Kate :) said...

Love the idea to have them write the page number to show the text evidence for the traits!

Kate :)
McDee's Busy Bees

eyelashy said...

I've been needing another novel study! I'm sure my students would love Chocolate Fever!

Ashley Barrett

My Carolina Classroom said...

Love this! I've been looking for my next novel study and this may be it!