Flashback to Valentine's Day!

Now that the dust has settled and I have somewhat recovered from having our Valentine's party, I can reflect on the craziness that occurred just a few days ago.  I'm sure I've said this before, but parties stress me out.  I like order... don't mind noise necessarily, but I like structured chaos.  And, parties can be anything but that.  Plus, if you think about it... we just had a party less than TWO months ago.  I don't think I ever properly bounced back from that!  Anyways, our party was actually pretty flawless and my kiddos were great.  The only tidbit that I remember is one of my students coming in the room first thing in the morning, jumping up and down, saying "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so excited"  well, sweetpea, we still have 5 hours until that party, so sit those excited pants down :)  Ha!  Other than that, it was semi-smooth :)

I wish that I had more time to incorporate lots of fun Valentine's activities, but this year we just didn't.  There was so much going on that we had to skim past the holiday which does make me a little sad.  BUT, for the first time in my 8 years of teaching I had my students make their own Valentine's boxes.  We normally do something fun in class, and they are okay with that, but I can't even tell you the level of excitement that was had over this little project!  PTL for creative geniuses like Amanda Nickerson... she has the GREATEST unit for making a Valentine's Box Book Reports.  My students were so stinkin' excited that they didn't even realize they were completing homework!  Score!  I had over 35 of the best boxes, but here are just a few (If I weren't so lazy I would have shown you every.single.one of them!)...
 Oh my!  Look at this Skippyjon Jones!
 And, let me just tell you about this one... this student SEWED that blanket and pillow all by herself!  She read a fractured fairy tale over Sleeping Beauty and made the box into her bed... how creative is that?!  Perfection!
 A Box?  No!  A Submarine?  Yes!
 And an interactive football field that the boys were obsessed with!
 Who doesn't love dinosaurs?!
 I could seriously go on and on and on because I was over the moon with how they turned out.  I just didn't want to take the time to crop all of my pictures, ha!  But, you get the idea.  If you are looking for a fun way to present book reports or spice up your Valentine's Day... definitely check out Amanda's unit!

After the party, the weekend did not get any calmer.  The Mr. and I had our date on Friday night.  It was perfect and lovely.  Saturday was our day to treat Joelle to some Valentine's fun.  We had a nice lunch and then headed off to see The Little Mermaid.  It was magical.  I *may* have shed a few tears at the end.  It always gets me when Ariel leaves her daddy for the prince- every.single.time.
We rushed home to host a little party for Joelle and her friends.  I just HAD to incorporate an art project into our night.  I mean, I am a teacher after all!  We put down a sticky heart, painted the canvas, took the heart off, let the paint dry, and put our thumbprints all on the inside of the heart!  It was fairly simple, and they turned out pretty sweet :)  I didn't do any touch-ups or finish off the edges since the kids did it all on their own :)
 Oh, and we (as in Mr. Lemons) made this delicious popcorn that I found on Linen and Lace.
 I must say that the jam-packed weekend was totally worth it because this little girl was the BEST Valentine!


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Yes, your daughter really is the loveliest Valentine! She sure had a great time! That popcorn looks amazing. My second graders' Valentine party had me so overstimulated that I had holiday exhaustion afterwards! I am on vacation this week, but I went into work to catch up without kiddos!! I've been trying very hard to organize my Tpt goodies. And, thank you for the valentine activities/ centers I purchased! Our ELA and math were your cards, recording sheets and math fun! We even did a scoot. It kept them active (yay) but focused and WORKING when they thought it was just fun!

Alexis Sanchez said...

LOVE the boxes! I'm totally doing those book report boxes next year! I'm glad to hear you had a calm party, mine was crazy! :)

Alexis at Laugh. Eat. Learn.

Leslie Jones said...

Love the boxes they are so creative and cute. Speaking of cute that little girl of yours gets cuter with every picture.

Lauren Dull said...

We "luckily" missed out on Valentine's Day last week because of the snow days here. We are having our celebrations this Friday. I must say that the Skippy Jon Jones box is my favorite. Maybe because my son is obsessed with those books! Your little girl is just precious!

Amy said...

Where did you get Joelle's shirt? that's so stinkin cute!!!!

amy.lemons said...

It's from Zulilly, but I can't remember which vendor it came from :)

Kate :) said...

Those boxes are so cool! It is so fun to see their creativity come alive!

Kate :)
McDee's Busy Bees

Angela Hevron said...

Love, love, love those Valentine boxes! I would have never thought of that. I am totally doing that when I get back to being a classroom teacher...hopefully next year.

Ariel is my absolute favorite princess. In fact, I can sing every single word to "Part of Your World". I would LOVE to see The Little Mermaid at a theater. I don't think they will be showing it here in Korea. Boo.

And I love it when you post pictures of Joelle! She is absolutely adorable! You make me want to adopt more than ever.

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