Verbs and Money

Happy Sunday, friends!  Last week was CRAZY and went by SO fast... 4-day weeks are always such a whirlwind!  I'm checking in to let you see what we've been up to!

We are all about verbs right now.  I have made this valuable verbs chart with my classes in the past, and it's always a hit!  We will continue to add as the weeks go on!
 As we were reading our word wall one day I noticed that we had A LOT of verbs!  So, I pulled out dot stickers and we marked them as a class.  I'm hoping to go back and do this with the other parts of speech as well :)
We also made these verb flowers from THIS unit.  
I love how bright and cheery they are!
 In math we are all about the money!  We are going pretty slow with this because it's always a challenging concept.  This week we will continue using activities from my money unit :)  OH, and I absolutely LOVE these large magnetic coins from Educational Insights.  We use them!  My kids love coming to the board to count money!
 Speaking of math... this past week I started to follow up on some of my struggling students.  It's time to move some of them through the RTI process... are they making success in the programs that we have them in, or do we need to figure out something different for them?  Well, with the paperwork, I often have to answer questions... what do they know?  What do they need help on?  So, I wanted to create a notebook that could house some QUICK math assessments on a variety of skills.  
 There are 40 math assessments in this unit.  The good thing about this notebook is that I can use it with ALL my students- struggling or not and get a better grasp of their strengths/weaknesses.
 My plan is to use it with page protectors/dry-erase markers, BUT they could certainly be printed out for the whole class to complete using pencil/paper.
 If you want to know more about this unit you can click HERE 


alawson said...

Looks great!!

C Hath said...

I love the idea of having a binder with a quick set of easy assessment tools right there at your fingertips! Then you can assess students as you are moving around the room to see where they are at!

Mrs. 3rd Grade 

Brandi said...

Love the idea of coding your word wall. I just finished up nouns so I may go back and do that! My kiddos love answering on page protectors so they would love the quick assessments! Looks great!

Success in Second Grade
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Mrs. Wheeler said...

Those verb flowers are so cute!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

Mrs. Griffith said...

LOVE the idea of incorporating verbs into your word wall. Genius!

For the Love of First Grade