Peek At My Week 1/13

Stop the world.  I am posting my lesson plans for the week.  Thankfully we have had a pretty calm weekend, so it gave me some time to get caught up and actually ready for the week ahead!  Well, we did have one major event.

Little Miss played in her first soccer game.
 And, she scored FIVE goals.  Yes, there were tears {her tummy hurt AKA "I'm very competitive and want to score my first goal"}.  For someone who has never played before, I was pretty impressed AND a little worried that she is going to eventually be too rough if that's what it takes to win.  She's definitely her father's daughter!

Back to what I came here for... to share my plans!  This week we are starting our mystery unit, that's when I cover a lot of inferencing skills.  Next week we will break out into our detective groups where each group gets their own case file to solve while reading mystery novels.  It's one of my favorite things to do because the kids get SO into it and love being little detectives!

Click HERE or on the pictures below.  Then, make sure to DOWNLOAD the PDF to your computer so that you can click the links.  There's lots of freebies included that I have found!
We are also continuing our subtraction with regrouping unit.  I *may* have wanted to pull my hair out on several different occasions last week, but we survived!
For the Daily 5 I am going to try something new this week.  My kids are really retaining their math skills and I truly believe it's because we are constantly spiraling and reviewing concepts during math stations.  I've seen a HUGE difference in math this year, and I'm really excited about that!  So, I want to implement more literacy stations into our Daily Five time, while also doing the D5 justice.  But, I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do it yet.  I'll keep you posted ;)
And there you have it!  Another week planned and prepped.  How many more to go?! ;)


Brittani Black said...

Not only is she good at soccer, she looks good while playing!!! What a cutie!!!

Brittani Black said...

Not only is she good at soccer, she looks good while playing!!! What a cutie!!!

Patricia Trostmann Perez said...

Congratulations on the win! Your daughter is adorable and radiates joy. I love your blog and TPT resources!

Shelby - First Time Firstie said...

Joelle looks like she had a great time! I love that she's competitive - so funny!

Thanks for all the freebies in your plans. Saves me some searching :)

First Time Firstie

Pri maryWorld said...

Love it! Take lots of pitures my boys (18 & 14) LOVE looking back at themselves and little one that turned out to be some of their best buds! Plans are great thank you! Have a happy week-

texasteachersince1989 said...

Thank you so much for your awesome resources! Joelle has grown so much! She looks so big! Will she start Kinder next year? It is so beautiful to see God's blessings bless others!

Tracy W said...

Hi Amy,

*Random comment alert*. I am wondering if you have a graphing unit available (i.e. bar graphs and pictographs)? I would love to purchase one if so!

P.S. Love your stuff! You make my first-year of teaching (2nd grade) wonderful with all of your resources!

Cate Donald said...

I love your blog and get so much inspiration from it for teaching and life! Thank you.

I also do D-5 and some literacy centers. I give my students word work centers that they have to do and as well as standards they can do when finished. I check the have to centers at the end of the week before fun Friday. It works OK. My kids love doing word work and all the centers. I look forward to hearing what you come up with.

Tiffany Ellis said...

Love all your stuff! Quick question, do you prep different math stations for each week? Also, do you have partners working on them or how do you do it? I am struggling with my math block and would love some insight!