Our Penguin Parade

Good evening, y'all!  I'm not gonna lie... I just woke up from a little after-school nap.  It's cold and rainy here, and that's just not the kind of weather you stay awake in.  So, before I fall back into dreamland, I thought I'd show you what we've been up to!

This week in language arts we have been reading and learning about penguins.  I mean, seriously, how stinkin' cute are those little guys?!  My kids just cannot get enough!  Did you know that you can watch a LIVE Penguin Cam from Sea World??  One of my sweet teammates sent me THIS LINK and we can hardly take our eyes off!  

To make things even more fun, we did some penguin research.  Each group of students researched a type of penguin using books, websites (I just google "penguins for kids"), and other nonfiction resources.  After they dug into their research, they made "true-to-size" versions of their penguin out of butcher paper.  I must say, I am loving how they turned out!  

To conclude our research, we stepped out into the hall for presentations!  Each group showed off their art and read information about their penguin to the rest of the class.  You can get the labels that I used HERE.

We also did a little nonfiction writing to show what we have learned about these waddling wonders.  This activity comes from my Waddle With Me unit :)

 Tomorrow we are going to do a vocabulary review before we take our Penguin Test (also included in my unit).  I have my pocket chart all ready to go.  And our penguin fact cards are on hand, too!
Well, I made it without falling asleep!  Now I'm off to figure out a plan B for dinner.  My crockpot ruined the pot roast yet again!  What's up with that?!  Frozen pizza will have to do :/


Mrs Poultney said...

Love those life size penguins! They look great, thanks for the link to the webcam as well :)

Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Jessica said...

Love those penguins! They came out so cute. Totally off topic, but what program do you to get the rounded corners?

Katie Knight said...

Your penguin parade is just darling! I love it!

Deedee Wills said...

I love your penguin parade! So cute!

Mrs. Richardson said...

OOOOO! Thanks for sharing the penguin cam link! That will be so fun for us next week as we step into penguins! Your penguin parade is TOO cute!! Have a great Friday!
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Courtney B said...

Love your penguin unit! We are studying penguins soon and I am so glad that you shared that website. I know my kiddos will love that.

Jen Agent said...

Thank you for this! I am doing a penguin unit in two weeks! Can't wait!

Hollie Griffith said...

I LOVE your penguin parade!! We're finishing up penguins this week and I saw this post just in time!! So excited to try out the penguin cam!!