Peek at My Week!

Hello, friends!  I am here to share my plans for the week with you!  I'm going to keep this short and sweet because my Sunday nap is calling my name :))

You can click HERE to download or on the pics below!  I do have a couple of Amelia Bedelia activities in the plans that I was going to share with you, but they are on my school computer.  So, I'll post those later this week!  You can see what we've done with Amelia Bedelia in the past HERE and HERE
 In Math, we have already started addition with regrouping, but we are going to continue working on that skill.  I'm really impressed with how well my kiddos are doing right now... it's like a breath of fresh air!  This week we will be able to play lots of regrouping games and learn how to apply what we know in different mathematical settings!  I have some regrouping freebies HERE also!

I'm seriously dozing off, so I'm outta here!  Like always, I'm linking up with Deedee to share my plans!


Sansley said...

Do you do workshop style teaching? If not, what are the Group 1 and Group 2 times for? I'm in my first year teaching and I'm trying to explore options… what I'm doing now isn't working/it's not enough. I'm trying to get in Daily 5 but struggle to get to 1 rotation of that a day :(

Elizabeth Rossmiller said...

I love how organized you are before you start the week! I have your Double Digit Regrouping centers and my kiddos loved them...


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Lindsay Oles said...

Hello! I ventured over to your blog from Mrs. Wills “Peek at My Week” Linky. I see that you are DRA testing this you always DRA test at this time of the year? I am just curious. I think that I would like to DRA test mine as well, just not sure I'll fit it in before the holidays.

Would love for you to head over and check out my blog and peek at my week!
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BrendaM said...

Do you have a video telling how you do your visual plans?