Letter Writing, Christmas Decor, and Regrouping!

Happy Hump Day, friends!  Today is the last warm day here in North Texas, so we are soaking up every moment.  It is supposed to drop 40 degrees overnight, and I'm just not ready for that!!!  However, there is potential ice in our future, so the chances of me being homebound for a few days is very possible!  Imagine the possibilities ;)

My kiddos have been hard at work writing letters.  We've used lots of activities from a Teacher's Clubhouse.  This unit really encompasses all you need for teaching how to write a friendly letter!

Today, we read Dear Tooth Fairy by Alan Durant.  It is a seriously precious book, and the kids just LOVE it.  Then, we wrote letters to the tooth fairy... they pretty much consisted of question after question :).  After my kiddos were done writing, they made little fairy wands and added a touch of glitter.  You would have thought I made the world go round, ha!  

I strayed from decorating for Christmas to hang these bright beauties up!!
Yesterday, my kiddos made an ornament for the locker.  This is from my Deck the Classroom unit!
Behind their ornament, we stapled a blank circle.  My students wrote about their favorite Christmas traditions!
I gave them the choice to decorate their ornament or leave it blank.  You can definitely see their personalities shine through!

In Math, we've been HARD at work doing Addition with Regrouping.  We use our math spirals A LOT during this concept because we need it for reference.  So, we've used a lot of the activities from my Double Digit Addition unit to glue into our spirals!  We learned the poem and did examples of regrouping problems.
We wrote the steps to solving a regrouping problem...
 And, we took a basic problem solving worksheet and solved it in our spirals as well!  They glued the problem down, but left the bottom half dry.  Then, after finding important numbers and key words, they solved the problem under the flap.  Their answer went on top.  This really helped my kiddos organize their work, and it kept eyes from roaming because I checked the process and answer!!
That's about it for us!  I guess I'm off to prepare for the cold weather that is coming our way.  Having food in the house is going to be important, I guess!  Things kinda shut down here in North Texas if any amount of ice sticks to the roads :)))


Mrs. Delzer said...

We are having a blizzard right now in MN as we speak!!!! Tomorrow's high temperature is supposed to be 2 degrees!!! Brrrr! I just bought the teachers clubhouse letter writing unit, too! We are going to hit it hard starting tomorrow if we have school!


PS We made your BME present books yesterday! LOVE them!

Chelsea O'Neal said...

What curriculum is your district using? My. Team members were just-talking about regrouping today and wondering why we have not hit it (this is my first year in 2nd I'm the newbie coming from K). We use CScope.


Shelby - First Time Firstie said...

How adorable are those letters to the Tooth Fairy?! LOVE!

I just posted about your amazing author's purpose anchor charts because I attempted to recreate them! You'll have to let me know what you think - I'm a big fan of your work!

ShelbyFirst Time Firstie

Amanda Madden said...

You made my day with the little shout-out for my letter writing pack, Amy! The tooth fairy letters turned out AH-DORABLE! But, everything you do always does. ;)

Teaching Maddeness

Vik Vein said...
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