Decking the Classroom!

Well, Monday is officially over.  Which means that we only have TWO more Mondays until Christmas break.  I count down every-which-way so that it makes waking up in the mornings easier :)).  Really, if it weren't for the waking up early, I'd have no reason to count down because I LOVE my school, coworkers, class, and everything in between.  It's just the stinkin' alarm clock that I can't get along with ;)

Before Thanksgiving break, my kiddos wrote their Santa letters.  We submit our letters to the local paper, so it was crucial we get get them done before the due date!  They may be a beating to get done, BUT once they are, I just love how they look!!!  
Thank you, thank you, thank you Santa!!!
The templates for the Santa letters can be found in my Christmas Craze unit HERE!
I quickly noticed this morning that my classes were going to need some new/fun ways for behavior management.  They were either dog-tired and not completing any work, OR chatting it up with their BFFs during all the wrong times.  So, I found this idea on What the Teacher Wants, I just adapted it a little!

I used the Christmas tree craft from my newest unit, Deck the Classroom.  The tree has 8 pieces to it.  I laminated the pieces and stuck magnets to the back.  Any time I catch the *whole* class behaving well, I will add a piece to their Christmas tree!  Once they have made the whole tree, I will give them a reward (music in the classroom, extra Daily 5, shoes off, Math games, video, untucked shirts, etc.). 
Here's what it will look like when it's complete!  I love that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel... just took a simple craft and turned it into a behavior management tool!
Speaking of my Deck the Classroom unit, we made these little Rudolphs today.  Our focus in ELA this week is letter writing, so I prepped these little guys first thing this morning!  After I read a book about Rudolph to my class, my kiddos worked in partners to write a letter to Rudolph.  

Those 2 crafts, plus 2 more are from this unit.


Rachel Lamb said...

love the little reindeer! Can't wait to make some!

Anna Brantley said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, sweet friend:) Love that precious reindeer! XOXO

Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff) said...

Thanks for the shout-out Amy! You're too sweet! :) I LOVE that classroom management idea! I will BRIBE if I have to at this point in the year! ;)

Marcy G said...

I got so many great products, too! One that I am so thrilled about is the Graph It! I am excited to see that you feel the same! Plus, I just added the Pear Homophones to my cart! ;) The sale isn't over yet!

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Deana said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out!! I am so star struck over here!! I LOVE your new craft pack, it looks adorable!! : )

Primary Punch

Anonymous said...

What kind of gifts do you have your students make for their parents. Always looking for new ideas. Thanks