Happy Hump Day, friends!  I'm popping in quickly to show you some pronoun action!

I made this chart to display the pronouns we've talked about so far in class.  There are more that we can add to the chart, but these are the pronouns we see most frequently!  
 During guided reading we are also working on identifying and using pronouns correctly.  I made this pocket chart activity for kiddos who were struggling with the concept...
Do you still rock it out with School House rock in your class?  My kiddos LOVED this video for pronouns!
We made a list of the pronouns as we were watching, and then my students sorted words!  You can get that sort HERE!  
I have one more freebie for you!  We are going to go on a pronoun hunt through books tomorrow!  Click on the picture below to download!
And, before I leave I have to show you how our flower clocks turned out!  I love how bright and cheery they are!
 We made these after discussing in depth half past, quarter past, and quarter to (which may be the death of me!!).  These little flowers help show what we have learned so far!
I'm off to get ready for church!  I have a little girl that *may* be winning an award tonight for Cubbie of the Month... I will have my camera close by to catch her shining moment :)


Teacher-ific said...

Love the clocks! I bet the kids had so much fun making them :)

The Colorful Apple said...

I should break out the School House Rock for my kids! I get it stuck in my head from when I was in school!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

Nancy Stoltenberg Director of WBT Certification said...

These are great resources! Thank you for sharing so freely with us!!
Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

teachtrue2 said...

Thanks so much for the really great freebies offered in today's blog!! And, your flower time clocks are too cute!!

Nicole said...

I love Priscilla Pronoun!! Thanks for the freebie! We'll be hunting through our reading book using this sheet next week. :)

Rene Machjewski said...

Thanks so much for the freebie! We are introducing pronouns this week! This will be perfect!

thanks again

Joanie said...

I love all your ideas for November. Thanks for the organizing tips. I think it is great how you do it on the spot. Then your mind can let it go and don't have to keep reminding your self what you need to do. Grading papers are my pet peeve too. I love how they correct on the spot. I have tried to get the parents to do it with them. Hmm!! Maybe 7 out of 20 parents . Not a successful way. Your way is. I love seeing how your life has changed but have made it fit into your life style. Less stress and thanks again. Please keep adding tips! Happy Holidays,

Robin Underdown said...

Good Morning! I just wanted to let you know that without your blog I would be completely lost. I am a certified PE/Health teacher in Texas and this was only my 2nd year at Elementary level (taught HS before). The district that I work for got rid of everyday PE and moved me to teach 2nd and 3rd grade "language enrichment". I pull ESL kids that are low performing and teach them English. Had no idea how to do it and I found your site and it has helped me tremendously. Just wanted you to know!

Natalie Gonzales said...

Love Priscialla Pronoun! I teach at a Montessori school, and we identify pronouns and place a purple triangle above each pronoun. So her purple pronoun dress and the purple color you chose, match perfectly!.

Shandi Lillard Dews said...

I love your blog. I have a second grader that has Autism, so he needs a little more help learning new concepts. You have given me some great ideas on how to continue his lessons at home! and yes, he LOVES Grammar Rocks!

Rhoda Alvarez said...

I did the flower clocks, they were/are so cute. Brightened up the hallway too.