I'm Thankful for...

Activities LIKE:

1.  Math Stations!  After talking to Katie King and seeing how she incorporated math stations into her day, I knew I had to give it a shot.  And, I am so glad that I did!  Here's what I love about math stations:

-We work on concepts for longer than a week or unit of study.  The stations reflect what we have already learned and what we need more practice on.  This helps my students retain more information.
-They are pain-free!  I put stations together about every 2 weeks.  We do one rotation a day, so they last between 8-10 days.
-My students absolutely LOVE math station time.  If we don't have enough time for them, it's pretty heartbreaking!
-I get to meet with small groups every.single.day now :)
-I've been using my Fall Into Math Stations for a whole month now... time well spent!
 2.  Daily Five!  I've honestly never been happier about my literacy block.  My students are in the rhythm and pretty much rocking it!  Of course, I have some kiddos that play around and goof off, but they are the minority.
 3.  Word Work during the Daily Five!  For the next two weeks I have added in the literacy stations from my "Let's Be Thankful" unit.  My kiddos LOVE it when I change things up and add new activities! 
 4.  And, of course, I absolutely 100% LOVE anything that is made of construction paper, ha!  If I can figure out how to incorporate a craftivity while including rich content, you better bet that I'm going to!

These are our Main Idea trees from "What's the Main Idea?"

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Kourtney Payton said...

I love the math puzzles! Cute idea!



Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

Michelle said...

I love those Main Idea trees! I've had them up in my room for about a month now!

Mrs. Ingram said...

Love Math Stations but how do you do one rotation a day and meet with each group every day?

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy. You are inspiring!!! If your kids are goofing off in daily five go back and retrain. Model, model, model, cut back time for success and blam on the positive reinforcement. The rest of the year will be awesome if this is nipped in the bud. I found I let things slid and more goofed off so,it was back to the drawing board. Less time and modelling right way and wrong way gave them the motivation they needed to stay on track. I also told them I wasn't prepared to,continue d5 if we ALL couldn't get it right. That did the trick!!!! Good luck. Thanks formal your great ideas. Where does your energy come from?

Daniella Garcia said...

So happy to see you posting about math stations. I have a couple of questions how many stations do you have, how many students do you have at each station and lastly are they all doing the same activity at the station or do you have multiple activities at each station?

Tiffany said...

I think it's awesome that you are using math stations in your classroom. Not many second grade teachers do that at my school. I love using them in kindergarten! Your blog is the cutest ever, by the way.