Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm leaned back in my La-Z-Boy getting my relax on for the weekend!  Before I totally pass out, I wanted to link up with Doodle Bugs to share my FIVE for Friday!

1.  Today was College Day at school... which means we got to wear jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes!  Hallelujah!  Joelle stopped by to bring me breakfast and I took a quick picture with my niece who is also in 2nd Grade!

2.  We read The Case of the Incapacitated Capitals and realized that we are so much like the kids in the book!  We leave off capitals like it ain't nobody's business!  I started to use Katie King's Convention Camp with my kiddos, and we are loving it!

3.  We read The Josefina Story Quilt this week and completed this sequencing activity:

4.  You can get that and this true/false sort for free HERE!

Then, check out Doodle Bugs to see what's going on in the lives of other bloggers!


Heather VanKuiken said...

I love your idea for sequencing the story! Very cool activity! Happy Weekend!!

The Land of I Can

Sarah Hankinson said...

Very cute sequencing activity! Have a great weekend!

Learning is for Superstars
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Julie Stowe said...

I teach at the same school as my two children and some relatives too. Arent we blessed!
Julie :)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Sharon said...

I love your sequence activity ( and everything else on your blog)!!