A New Week!

It's Sunday Funday, y'all (AKA the day before Monday :/)!  I actually had a restful and low-key weekend so I'm semi-ready for a new week.  We did manage to get out of our pjs for a nice dinner... and, we had to wear matching pink stripes, of course!
So, what's going on in my classroom this week?  I didn't have time to gather my math plans for y'all... so sorry!  Our focus in math is gathering data and reading/making graphs.  I will pop in this week and show you what my kiddos are doing with that!

For ELA this week we will be all about Thanksgiving!  Well, I also have to squeeze in letters to Santa because the local paper publishes our letters and the due date is EARLY this year.  We don't normally get to those until after Thanksgiving, but I've got to have them ready for the paper.  I mean, I can't be the only teacher in town without Santa letters!!!  Click HERE or on the pictures below to download my plans!

Also, I'm really excited this unit my friend, Crystal Radke, made!  I can't wait to put these together for my intervention groups.  If you are looking for something to do with kiddos that are struggling on a math concept, you have to check these out!  Each skill (place value, number order, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction facts, word problems, time, fractions, number sense, etc.) has cards that you print out, laminate, and put on a ring.  That way, you can pull out the skill needed, flip through the cards with your kiddos, and store for next time!  One time prep and you have them for life!!!  Love that kind of thing :)


Teaching, Love, Cupcakes said...

I'm in love with the math intervention cards! Thank you for sharing!

Jamie knefely said...

I have already entered the giveaway!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!


teacherking55 said...

Hello! Hello!
I LOVE your homework bags that you blogged about the other day! You inspired me!!! I just was wondering:
1. Do you have some type of choice board that you send home with the spelling words?
2. Do you have a copy of your spelling word template that you send home? It is REALLY cute!!!
THANK YOU SOOOOO much!!! You are simply... AMAZING!!!!