A Main Idea Snack!

Hey y'all!  How was your Tuesday?  It's been rainy, dark, and dreary around here.  And, I won't even mention the time change... because who can adjust this early in the game?!  It's 5:00 and feels like 9:00.  Our whole family is in shock... including our pups.  They are ready for their goodnight treats around 6:00 each night!  And, I'm pretty much okay with it because jumping into bed at that time sounds GREAT!

With all this shock to my body I sure am glad that I planned in advance this week.  I would not be able to make it if I were spending my nights getting ready for the next day!  In fact, it ends up that I over-planned!  That happens a lot to me because I forget that I only have ONE HOUR to teach ALL of language arts!  Even though I over-planned, I still really want to hit Main Idea!  Sometimes I feel like I move on from this before we really all "get it."  So, to help get the most in with the time I have, I started using these short reading passages from Read Works.  These are free, and they are the perfect little time-savers.  Of course, I don't use passages all year, or even every week, BUT they are great when you need to hit a concept but don't have time to read an entire book!  Plus, they are leveled, which makes for a quick way to differentiate!  I put them in our Smart Pals so that we can reuse for later this week and even next year :)
 After my students read their short story with their partner, they wrote down the main idea/details in their spiral.
 Then, we transferred that information onto our hamburger main idea craft!  

I ran across these Krabby Patty gummies when I was grocery shopping and knew I had to incorporate them somehow!  So, once my kiddos were finished they had to answer two questions:  1.  What does finding the main idea mean?  2.  What are details?  Once my kiddos answered that, they got to delight in their little treat :)
 And, before I run off to grab dinner (Mr. Lemons *may* have ruined dinner tonight... he substituted beef bouillon for dried beef which didn't work so well, BUT at least he tried, right?!) I wanted to show you what we've been up to in math. 

We are all about time this week.  We made this flapbook...

 And these pocket-books...

I wish I could say that we have mastered telling time, but we aren't quite there yet!  Fingers crossed that it "clicks" soon ;) 

Off to Dominos I go!  Goodnight, friends!


Lovely Nina said...

Love your main idea burgers and treat!! So creative!

Ms. Feuerstack said...

I am so excited to use Read Works with my class, I had never heard of this site before.




Jamie knefely said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


Jennifer Ross said...

I love using read works for a quick assessment...to see who needs remediation. We're starting time this next week - eeek! NOT one of my favorites :-/

Marcy Bernethy said...

Thank you for sharing Read Works! I checked it out today and love it! How did I not know about this site before?!? We're using your time unit right now too!

Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

Anonymous said...

I am a first year 2nd grade teacher and I also need to fit all of ELA into about 90 minutes. How do you fit it all in? We are also using a new reading program that is aligned with Common Core and it has soooo much stuff that we are expected to get through.

Any advice??

Anonymous said...

I love Readworks too! The best is once you sign up as a member they email YOU with new passages they have coming out or one appropriate for the season! LOVE!

The Lemonade Stand said...

I love Read Works, too! Thanks for posting your plans!

Kirsten said...

I love this! I just finished Main Idea. When we come back to it I will definitely be making this book!
Mrs. Wilson's Class

Micaiah Chambers said...

Hi, I am a parent (not a teacher), but I go over my daughter's homework with her each night. I am having trouble helping her understand the concept of topics and main ideas. Would you please give me some advice on this? Thank you so much. I use you sight a lot. I especially like the grammar pages. Thanks again.