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Just when you think your kids have mastered nouns... proper nouns come into play.  For some reason, we just can't seem to capitalize our proper nouns, BUT we are hard at work this week trying to master that skill!  My sweet friend, Katie King, posted a proper noun chart on her instagram and I knew we just HAD to make one as well.  

Each of my students drew a proper noun and wrote a sentence to match their picture.  (As you can see I'm still on the kid-drawn chart kick... it's SO much less work for me AND I find my students checking it out quite often- win/win!)
Little activities like this really show me what kind of exposure and background knowledge my kiddos have.  We don't have a lot in our little town, so it's neat to see what they've learned either at home or through books!
And, it's always good to see them use what we've learned about!
I think this one might be my *favorite.*  I mean, it does speak the truth, know-what-I'm-sayin?! ;)
Okay, now let's look at what we've been up to in math.  Subtraction and proper nouns are in the same boat to me... we had addition nailed and then it was time to take away, oh my!  We have to remind ourselves quite often to switch our thinking to subtraction :)

We made these little subtraction flapbooks today.  You can find this freebie from Saddle up For Second HERE!
 For small group today I pulled a couple of students back to my table to use the ipad to practice what we are learning.  There are some great FREE place value apps.  I love seeing my kiddos solve problems in different ways.  This was a great assessment tool for me :)
 While I was doing small group, my kiddos were at math stations.  Here's a couple I snapped pictures of:

Ordering numbers from my Fall Into Math Stations
 Comparing Numbers from Jamie Rector
 There were lots more going on, but I couldn't get a good angle for pictures, ha!  Plus, my small group was actually needing their teacher... who would have thought?!  ;) 

That's all from me!  Hopefully I'll be back later this week to check back in :)


Beach Teacher said...

I am a teaching a lesson on proper nouns tomorrow. I will have to add this idea. Thanks! :)

-Beach Teacher
Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

Meghan Little said...

What free place value apps do you use? I'm new to second grade so any apps you can suggest are great! Thanks!


pammy said...

Love your proper nouns with kid drawn poster. Your blog always inspires. Please tell us your apps.

monica schroeder said...

I can't wait to check out the place value apps! Thanks for sharing! ☮Monica
The Schroeder Page

sara said...

What is the place value app you are using in the picture? Looks great:) thanks!!

Julie said...

You do the BEST stuff!! :)

Sarah Pazdziorny said...
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Sarah Pazdziorny said...

I love the proper noun parade! I'm going to do something similar during my lesson today! You always seem to be a day or two ahead of what I'm doing - which is AWESOME for me, since you always have fantastic ideas.

SugarFoot Designs said...

Any chance you could share the title of the app in the photo for the iPad? It would be great for CGI math!

Mrs. Durden said...

I'm with everyone else, please share the place value app! My first graders love to use the ipad and I don't have anything for place value yet. Thanks for all of your sharing!


Nicole said...

I just checked out the place value pack from Jamie Rector. It looks great...thanks for the suggestion!
Nicole :)

Donna B said...

Thank you for sharing. I really like your ideas on how to help the students learn

Ms. V.'s Firsties said...

The app is called "Number Pieces Basic", just found it in the App Store :)