Stellaluna, Plural Nouns, and Time... that's what we'll be up to!

Happy Sunday Funday, friends!  I wish I was here to tell you that the week coming up will be calm and one of the least stressful times of the year, BUT I have my doubts with Halloween tucked in the middle of the week, ha!  Our school had a Fall Festival last Thursday night, which was pretty much Halloween Round ONE!  It was a lot of fun, but it definitely can cause the crazies to come out :)  So, while planning, I really tried to take all of that into consideration.  Click the pictures below or HERE to check out my plans!

We will be reading Stellaluna and I'm taking pretty much everything straight out of Linda Kamp's unit this year!  I wanted to dig a little deeper into character analysis and story structure, and her unit is PERFECT for that!
 During Math we will start telling time.  I can't tell you how happy I am to take a break from adding and subtracting.  We will keep reviewing and practicing the skills that we've learned during math stations, but it's not our main focus for at least the next two weeks, YAY!  This week I'll be using A LOT of Cara's Time After Time unit as we begin with telling time to the hour and half-hour.  Her unit has tons of station activities and hands-on learning games that I will use for reinforcement and small groups!  I'll pull some things from my time unit as well, but next week we will use almost my entire unit as we move into telling time to the quarter hour and five minutes!
 I'm going to spice up this week of the Daily Five with some Halloween activities.  I pretty much jam-packed my instruction time with other things, but I didn't want to leave the fun out all together!  

Our Math Stations are the same as last week.  I rotate math stations out every 2 weeks which makes my prep time a lot easier!
You might notice above that I updated my Time Unit.  I gave it a little facelift, PLUS added three activities (ONE of which is a craft... go figure!).  If you have already purchased it, make sure you go to TpT to re-download!
I hope you enjoy the week ahead!  Make sure you have a good stash of chocolate to get you through the week ;)


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing the Stellaluna unit! We will be using that story next week!* This week is all about learning about those bats!!


The Teacher Talk

Mrs. Richardson said...

I love that you call it Daily 5 Lite. I call mine Daily 5-ish! :) Yes, a chocolate stash will be needed to make it through the week!
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Michelle Hudgeons said...

Adorable as always!!!!

Bena Bangs said...
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Bena Bangs said...

Thanks! Love these ideas!

The Busy Blonde B

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Jennifer Reynolds said...

Your Fall Math stations have helped me reteach and remediate Place Value skills! My students love working with a partner during our Math Workshop time! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful and worthy units! Your Henry and Mudge bundle was a huge hit with my class as well!