Our Halloween!

Oh, Halloween... I still haven't figured out if I am a fan or not.  I mean, you bring a lot of candy and craziness, BUT I sure did love seeing all of these cute kiddos dressed up in costumes tonight!  AND, I really enjoy all the leftover chocolate.

My school doesn't do costumes or Halloween parties, but we are allowed to incorporate whatever we want into our day/lessons.  Today, I had a special Halloween treat for my kiddos.  I found this snack through Pinterest.  It led me to a blog called Kuzak's Closet... I adjusted it a bit because of allergies, but it was still a hit with the kiddos!

I didn't really have any Halloween activities planned for the day... I just never know how things are going to turn out on Halloween!  My kiddos were behaving well, and handling the holiday with grace, SO we read lots of Halloween books and watched a few short videos.  Then, I gave my kiddos a black sheet of construction paper and told them to draw a Halloween scene.  I just really love kid art A LOT!

I show you all of that to prove that I don't always have things together.  Sometimes I make a plan and don't stick to a thing.  Other times, I make a plan and refuse to get off course.  However, I do believe in adjusting and going with the flow when my kiddos need/deserve it!  I didn't have a ton of Halloween activities prepped and planned for the day, but we made due with what I could pull together last minute!

I'll leave you with a picture from today.  This is my teammate and me on crazy hair day!  My shirt is from Claire Lynn... they have the cutest teacher tees!  They have a facebook shop that makes it easy as pie to order from!
Happy Halloween, friends!  Let's hope that the kids come in tomorrow with a good night's rest and NO sugar hangovers!  RIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTT???!


Sanola Jerry said...

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Sanola Jerry

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M said...

WoW...I don't know what it would be like not to have the kids dress up and have a parade, etc. Halloween is my favorite holiday and we go all out...we even carved pumpkins the day before...and did academics all around Halloween.

Your shirt is darling :)

M. Baker said...

I wish my granddaughter was in a school like that. Her class did absolutely nothing for Holloween or the fall theme. We had to expose her at home, and her school is a public one. Thank you for your site I do all of your lessons with her when she comes home. She loves art and her learning style is visual and hands on. Thank you so very much. I you didn't have a link to down load the lessons for the week so I had to add them to my images. Will you go back and add the download to the bottom thanks again. God Bless You.

Kristen said...

I'm kind of relieved Halloween is over this year...I definitely get what you mean with the mixed feelings. I love how much the kids love the holiday, but sometimes it can get a little crazy. I just love your crazy hair! Happy November!!! :)

Mrs. Delzer said...

We got so lucky this year, Amy! Our kids had the day off and teachers had a staff development day on Friday! This was the best Halloween ever! :) :) Love that shirt! I'm looking at their Christmas stuff now. Thanks for the tip!


Amanda Kuzak said...

So glad you found the snack mix! I'm glad it was a hit!